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What majors are available to Honors College students ?




Honors Sciences & the Humanities (B.A.)


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Honors Sciences & the Humanities (HSH) is designed for capable, curious students who are pursuing a broad and challenging course of study that will prepare them for a variety of careers and a lifetime of active citizenship. Most university graduates change careers several times during their lives. Therefore, this degree emphasizes portable skills such as critical thinking and problem solving that equip students with career flexibility. HSH also leads to knowledge and skills that qualify students for admission to graduate and professional programs, such as law and medical schools. Students who seek a career in health professions can complete their science requirements while pursuing the HSH major.


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Honors Sciences & the Humanities Minor


The purpose of the Honors Sciences & the Humanities (HSH) minor is to give the inquiring and curious student a flexible and interdisciplinary program that will allow exploration in various areas of interest. This minor encourages a broad-based and overarching approach to the investigation of human accomplishment which expresses visions of life and values for living that offer both enjoyment and wisdom.


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