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Bayless Elementary Mentoring Program

Honors College Mentoring Program impacts hundreds of local elementary students

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Bayless Reflection

Chad with Mentee

Being a part of the mentor program at Bayless Elementary has been the most rewarding volunteer experience I have had while at Texas Tech. My weekly trips to Bayless to hang out, help with schoolwork or play games with my student have become one of the best parts of my week. Seeing his face light up whenever he spots me never fails to fill me with happiness. Even though I only see my student once a week, I always leave with the feeling of accomplishment. Although we do not always do school work when I mentor, simply going and being able to be a role model and a system of support for my student is incredibly rewarding. Seeing my student and the struggles he goes through makes me want to give as much assistance to him as I can. He inspires me to accomplish all that I can so that I can be the best role model possible for him. Being a Bayless mentor and becoming close with a student has enhanced my college experience in a great way. It has opened my eyes to the inequity in my community as well as the power I have to decrease that inequity. I know that this program has not only helped the students at Bayless but has given me valuable experience as well.

— Lyndsey Walton

For more information on becoming a Bayless mentor, please contact Stacy Poteet at stacy.poteet@ttu.edu