Texas Tech University

Honors College Advising

Honors College Academic Advising

Lori Lightfoot

Lead Administrator - Undergraduate Research Scholars, Honors Ambassadors

Lori Lightfoot
Senior Academic Advisor

Email: lori.lightfoot@ttu.edu

Office: McClellan 104

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Stacy Poteet

Lead Administrator - Scholarships

Stacy Poteet
Senior Academic Advisor, Bayless Elementary Mentoring Program Coordinator, Honors Engagement

Email: stacy.poteet@ttu.edu

Office: McClellan 102

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Sarah Timmons

Lead Administrator - First-Year Experience Program, Honors Book Club

Sarah Timmons
Senior Academic Advisor

Email: sarah.timmons@ttu.edu

Office: McClellan 105B

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Abel Rios

Senior Academic Advisor

Abel Rios
Coordinator for Honors Contracting, Honors Tutoring Corp, Study Abroad Waiver, and Honors Friday Lunch Discussion

Email: abel.rios@ttu.edu

Office: McClellan 105A

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Chad M. Cain

Senior Academic Advisor

Chad M. Cain

Email: chad.cain@ttu.edu

Office: McClellan 102A

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Honors College Program Advising

Honors Arts and Letters (HAL) Majors and HAL Theses

Dr. Brink, Jim

Director of HAL

Honors Arts and Letters major and theses

Email: jim.brink@ttu.edu

Office: McClellan 213

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Environment and the Humanities Minor

Professor Kurt Caswell

Associate Professor, Director of EVHM

Kurt Caswell
Environment and the Humanities Minor

Email: kurt.caswell@ttu.edu

Office: McClellan 201A

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European Studies Minor

Dr. Aliza Wong

Associate Dean, Associate Professor - History, Director of European Studies

Aliza Wong
European Studies Minor

Email: aliza.wong@ttu.edu

Office: McClellan 211

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