Texas Tech University


The FYE/LCG Mentors are a team of dedicated Honors student leaders who are passionate about creating the most positive, enriched, and welcoming environment possible for each year's entering Honors first-year students. The Mentors (in pairs) are responsible for leading the weekly HONS 1101 Learning Community Group class sessions taught within the First-Year Experience Program each fall, and for ensuring a smooth and successful transition to TTU and the Honors College for their class of new Honors students. The Mentors serve as peer guides and resources for their first-year students, who benefit greatly from having approachable and knowledgeable upper-class Honors students available as sounding boards, advice-givers, and collaborative problem-solvers.


New Mentor applications are solicited at the end of every fall semester (November through December), and the application details are published during this time via the Honors Weekly Email, through current Mentors in the First-Year Experience courses, and on this webpage. Qualified applicants are invited to interview with the FYE Leadership Team during the early spring semester (January and February). Selected candidates as well as returning Mentors undergo training throughout the spring semester (February through April/May) and complete the bulk of their duties during the following fall semester, when the HONS 1101 Learning Community Groups run, alongside the First-Year Experience courses.


Successful candidates for Mentor positions are able to demonstrate a love for the Honors College in general and the FYE program in particular, a desire to serve as a positive influence and role model for new Honors students, an attitude of friendliness, approachability, thoughtfulness, and maturity, and a willingness to work as part of a tight-knit team under the direction and supervision of the FYE Program Director.



Mentor Application



• Applications should be submitted through Google Forms by 11:59pm on Sunday, December 17, 2023. Outstanding applicants will be contacted for interviews in January.

• Complete application packets must include the following items:
-- The Application form linked above
-- Your updated resume (attach to Google form)
-- A cover letter explaining why you wish to hold the FYE/LCG Mentor position and naming your favorite thing about Honors thus far (attach to Google form)