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The Honors College connects theory and praxis, research and action, intellectualism and implementation. By prioritizing the scientist as well as the science, the dance, as well as the physics, the ethics as well as the invention, students, are empowered to face the future global grand challenges as future physicians, lawyers, teachers, writers, artists, scholars, engineers, leaders and so much more as they think beyond the four walls of the classroom and embrace the entirety of the educational experience as their training ground for the future. The Honors College strives to find solutions to the grand challenges our society faces and, in so doing, better the human condition for all in a continual and constant effort to do good in the world.



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Academic Experience


Honors College students have the unique advantage of experiencing an intellectually and socially vibrant environment while having access to the vast resources of a major research university at Texas Tech. Honors College students simultaneously benefit from being with others of the same intellectual preparation and commitment while enjoying the advantages of a university environment activity engaged in exploring all areas of human interest and concern. Honors College students may pursue one or more of the 150+ majors and concentrations at Texas Tech, including Honors Sciences the Humanities, a liberal arts program for the 21st century housed in the Honors College. The Honors educational experience is the result of the integration of all colleges at TTU.


The Honors College, through small seminar-style classes, professional opportunities, and a dynamic community of scholars and change-makers, cultivates the talents and passions of its students while meeting the challenges of a fast-changing global society.


Beyond the Classroom


The Honors College builds on the foundation of our students' diverse talents to create a community that fosters lifelong learning and academic excellence. This stimulating environment is open to qualified first year students, continuing students who demonstrate excellence after enrolling at Texas Tech and transfer students who have shown similar ability at other institutions.



Unique Opportunities

  • Learn from top faculty in small, engaging, discussion-oriented classes.
  • Write an Honors thesis and graduate with Highest Honors.
  • Pursue paid undergraduate research and publish your findings.
  • Study Abroad in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and many more countries.
  • Earn early acceptance to Texas Tech's medical and law schools.
  • Enjoy living with Honors College students in the Honors residence hall.
  • Become involved with fellow Honors students by participating in our House system.
  • Give back to the community through our elementary school program.

Professional & Early Acceptance Programs


Post-Graduate Programs



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