Texas Tech University




Early Acceptance: Texas Tech School of Law




The Honors College and the School of Law cooperate in an Early Decision Plan which allows exceptional Law School applicants who are Honors College students in good standing to receive notification of their acceptance to the School of Law during their third year at Texas Tech. Enrollment in the School of Law would not occur until after the student receives a Bachelor's Degree.



To be eligible to apply for Early Decision, applicants must meet the following criteria:


  • Have a minimum undergraduate GPA of at least 3.5;

  • Have an LSAT score that places them in the top half nationwide.

  • Have an SAT of at least 1300 or an ACT of at least 29;

  • Be enrolled in the Texas Tech University Honors College and making satisfactory progress toward a Baccalaureate Degree with a diploma designation in Honors Studies; and

  • Submit an Honors certification form to the Honors College at the time of application to the School of Law.


Students will apply during the fall semester of their third year (or during the fall semester of a year in which they are classified as juniors) and must have taken the LSAT by December of that year. Students who receive and accept an Early Decision must commit to enroll at the Texas Tech University School of Law and may not apply to other law schools. The Admissions Committee applies the same standards and procedures for Early Decision applicants and applicants reviewed under the traditional admission process.


Honors Arts and Letters (HAL) Pre-Law Track




Program Timeline

First Year Classification
  Meet all entrance criteria of program.
  Develop a 4-year plan of  both volunteer experiences and extracurricular activities with evidence of leadership skills.  Join Pre-Law student organization such as Phi Alpha Delta.
  Choose course work providing significant opportunities for reading, writing, and public speaking as well as supplying a critical understanding of human values and institutions (political, economic, and social) and the ability to think creatively.
Sophomore Classification
  Study for LSAT or take review class (www.lsac.org)
Attend ACTT workshops on financial aid and application/test prep www.prelaw.ttu.edu.
June Take LSAT (scores from multiple tests are typically averaged by many law schools; Students with LSAT scores below the TTU median should consider retaking the exam). Score must be in top half of national scores.
  Begin drafts of personal statement and consider writers for 2 letters of recommendation.
  Keep PLAW designation after declaring major.
4 long semesters (Fall/Spring) prior to graduation
Sept 1-Nov 1 School of Law application due for EDP programs TTU SCHOOL OF LAW APPLICATION.
This application will be used for School of Law scholarships including Honors Crofoot Stipend.
Submit certification form to Honors College at time of application. Certification Checklist (this form will also be used for possible scholarships).
December Applicant notified.
January $750 deposit required for those accepted to program.
May Notify Merit Scholarship Office of transfer to School of Law.
Year of Graduation
Sept Maintain active status with Honors College and complete Honors requirements by graduation.
  Maintain cumulative GPA requirement of 3.5.
  Complete Bachelor's Degree.
May Students in EDP enter School of Law the following Fall Semester