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The history of the Honors College is all yours and the value of the College is because of what you have done. We invite you to take advantage of this portal to communicate with us, find long-lost buddies. .- Dr. Michael San Francisco, Dean


Giving back to Honors College


Alumni play an integral role in determining the future and continued development of Honors College. Throughout TTU's history, the spirit and generosity of alumni have reflected the strong belief in higher education's contributions to our economy, our communities, and our society. Think back to what made a difference during your time at the university. Was it a privately-funded scholarship? A life-changing study abroad experience? A faculty mentor? Honors College needs your support and a gift of any amount will help TTU create a richer, more vibrant community of discovery and learning for the nation's most promising students.




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Alumni newsletter

"The FLIGHT" Alumni Newsletter is intended to provide our honors college with the dates of upcoming events, networking and employment opportunities and other important information from the honors college and the university.