Texas Tech University

Honors Advising

Appointment Scheduling Information

For fall and spring advising, Honors students will receive a detailed e-mail outlining how to schedule their advising appointment. Please check The Honors Weekly for details when those e-mails will be sent each semester.

Location: McClellan Hall

Advising Hours

Walk-in appointments 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
(Except during scheduled fall and spring advising)

Course Schedules

A list of all university classes to be offered is available for students in the MyTech tab of Raiderlink. Please review both the University and the Honors course schedule before your advising appointment and have a preliminary schedule prepared for your advising session.Your advising session will go quickly and smoothly if you will:

Come prepared! Students without tentative schedules (including times/days of classes) will be asked to reschedule their advising appointments. Review the Honors and the University course schedule on the web to prepare a schedule prior to your advising appointment and complete the tracking sheet appropriate to your major.

Primary Advisor Visits

If you have any questions concerning your degree requirements or additional registration holds, schedule an appointment with your primary academic advisor prior to your visit with us.

Appointment Information

Arrive on time. Since your appointment will only be scheduled for a limited time period, it is imperative that you arrive on time and prepared. If you arrive for your appointment too late to fit into an advisor's schedule, you will be rescheduled for a later date.

Cancel your appointment beforehand if you are unable to make it. Any student who fails to notify us that he or she will miss an advising appointment must reschedule for a later date.

Remember: Registration for courses must be completed on the web. Thus, if you do not know your eRaider password, you should call the IT Help Desk (742-HELP, 742-4357) to ensure that your registration will be trouble-free. Happy Scheduling!

Graduation with Honors Designations

Students must complete 24 credit hours in Honors courses to graduate from Texas Tech University with the transcript designation "with Honors." A student who wishes to graduate with the transcript designation "with Highest Honors" must complete an Honors Thesis and 30 hours of Honors coursework. Permission from the Honors College is required before beginning the Honors Thesis. In order to graduate with either of these designations, students must maintain the GPA requisite for good standing in Honors as outlined in the Honors Student Handbook for the appropriate year of their entry into the Honors College. See the Honors College Student Handbook on the web for more details.

Graduating seniors should submit an Honors Intent to Graduate Form approximately one year prior to their intended graduation date. Bring your completed and signed form to: McClellan Hall, Room 103 or mail it to: Honors College, Box 41017, Lubbock, TX 79409.

Honors College Intent to Graduate form (for students who entered TTU prior to Fall 2017) 

Honors College Intent to Graduate form (for students entering TTU in Fall 2017 or later) 

Honors College designations are listed on the transcript and the diploma. These are in addition to other distinctions graduates may earn, such as Latin honors based on pure GPA.