Texas Tech University

Honors Advising

Find your classification below (by hours as of January 2021) for advising details and dates.

Appointment Scheduling Information

Honors advising appointments will be conducted virtually on Zoom. If you are required to meet with an Honors advisor, or would simply like to do so, please use our online scheduling system, Genbook, to set an appointment time.

Honors virtual advising appointment slots will open on April 7th and will continue through April 30th.

New current TTU or transfer Honors students – admitted to the College for Spring 2021 or Fall 2021 – will be contacted and required to schedule a virtual advising appointment with an advisor during that timeframe. As well, Honors students who are not making steady progress towards Honors course requirements will be contacted and required to schedule a virtual advising appointment.

Honors first-year students are strongly encouraged, though not required, to schedule a virtual advising appointment. All other Honors students are invited to make an appointment.

If you have questions related to Summer 2021 and/or Fall 2021 course selection – or other immediate issues with which you need assistance from an advisor prior to your Honors registration date – we encourage you to contact us via email, at honors@ttu.edu or to a specific Honors advisor.

Permit Requests and Registration Information

All university classes for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 should be loaded on Raiderlink on March 1st. Honors sections offered during the Summer I & Summer II sessions are posted on the Honors Summer 2021 course webpage. Honors sections offered during the fall semester are listed in the Honors College Fall 2021 Course Offerings booklet.

The online Permit Request Form (PRF) will be posted soon on the Honors Advising webpage associated with your classification by hours. You may not submit an online PRF prior to the date and time outlined for your classification. If your form arrives before the appropriate PRF start time, it will be deleted and your permit request(s) will not be processed.

Please note that Virtual Schedule Builder will not always pull in Honors course sections accurately. We recommend you use the Plan Ahead Tool in the Add/Drop classes portal or use the Section Search Tool to build your schedule manually.

On your online PRF, you must provide a full tentative Fall 2021 course schedule, including your intended Honors and non-Honors courses, on your submitted Permit Request Form (or it will not be processed). We're pleased to report that with the updated version of the online PRF, you will be able to provide a full tentative Fall 2021 course schedule simply by attaching a screenshot of Virtual Schedule Builder or the Plan Ahead tool.

You can find a sample degree plan for your major in the TTU Undergraduate Catalog (catalog.ttu.edu) or find course requirements in your DegreeWorks portal.

*** NEW and IMPROVED for this advising cycle ***

Permits will only be issued for selected, high-demand Honors sections, and not for all Honors sections offered in Summer 2021 and Fall 2021.  Please consult the online Honors Summer 2021 Course Offerings webpage and Fall 2021 Course Offerings booklet to see if Honors sections in which you are interested require a permit to enroll.

Permits will be required for enrollment in Honors Summit Experience sections, and will be issued first to August 2021 and December 2021 Honors graduates ONLY. After our upcoming graduates have been accommodated, remaining Summit permits will be given with preference to other students graduating within the year.

Please do not contact advisors to ask about permit requests before the stated date and time when we'll send notifications about permit issuance. (See the detailed instructions for your classification above.)

If you are placed on a waitlist for a high-demand Honors course (which requires a permit to enroll), you will be notified of potential space availability at your TTU email address, so please check that email account at least daily. We work our waitlists through the beginning of the semester.

Check your current holds and verify your permits under the "My Enrollment" tab of your Student Dashboard prior to your registration date.

Always include your R# in any correspondence with a TTU advisor so that we can help you more efficiently.

If you have questions or concerns about the Honors courses noted on your DegreeWorks profile, please notify us at honors@ttu.edu.

*** Honors advising holds on Raiderlink for most Honors students will be moved forward by April 1, 2021.New current or transfer Honors students (admitted for Spring 2021 or Fall 2021) – or Honors students who are not making progress toward Honors course requirements – are required to schedule an appointment with an Honors advisor, via Genbook. The holds for these students will be moved forward once this advising appointment is scheduled on Genbook. ***