Texas Tech University


A unique program at Texas Tech, the Honors College First-Year Experience (FYE) program is designed to assist our new Honors students to transition smoothly and successfully into university life.


As part of the FYE program, Honors students take one of our diverse and engaging FYE courses, each taught by a fantastic professor in a small group setting of 18-25 students. They will also gain a built-in community through an attached Learning Community Group (LCG), led by two upper-classmen. These peer mentors guide their students though the first semester adjustment period and integrating them into the Honors and Texas Tech communities.


FYE Mentors assist their students with finding and utilizing campus resources and introducing them to the many involvement and enrichment opportunities within Honors. Moreover, the LCG is a safe space in which to introduce the vocabularies of difference and multiplicity, to engage in difficult dialogues with other students in their very first semester, so that they can continue to hone, develop, and refine their communications skills during their college careers. The Special Topics LCG sessions aim at giving students the vocabulary needed to deal with issues they will face in a diverse and nuanced global society with courage and integrity.


On this page, please find links to a more detailed description of the program, links to the FYE course listings for the upcoming fall semester, a calendar and overview of our LCG Session Calendar, and a link to our Resource site for FYE students.



Fall 2023 FYE-LCG


Please email the FYE Lead Administrator, Lindsay Harper, with any questions.