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To graduate "with Honors" from the college of your chosen major, a student must complete 24 hours of Honors coursework before completion of their undergraduate degree. Along with the required First-Year Experience course, these classes are categorized into three different types: General Coursework, the Upper-level Seminars, and the Honors Summit Experience.




General Coursework



General Coursework consists of 18 hours usually completed over 6 Honors courses. Any course offered by the Honors College may count in this section. Students typically take Honors courses that fulfill TTU core curriculum or lower-level degree requirements. Honors advisors work with students one-on-one to create an Honors plan that works efficiently with each student's degree plan.


  • The First-Year Experience Program is a requirement within the General Coursework for students who enter the Honors College as an incoming First-year student. Please visit the First-Year Experience Requirement page for more information.



Upper-level Seminars



Upper-level Seminars are courses in which Honors students demonstrate their ability to articulate their thoughts in discussion with others as well as in writing; read complex texts closely for meaning; and appreciate and respond appropriately to the interrelatedness of disciplines and the complexity of problems. Toward these ends, all Honors students are required to take one upper-division Honors seminar, which provides the opportunity for students to develop and enhance the skills that are essential to a well-rounded education. Students should plan to take this course in addition to the other requirements of their majors and/or minors. Lower-level seminars (1000 or 2000 level) do not satisfy this requirement, although lower-level seminars typically offer a core curriculum credit that may assist students with completion of degree requirements.




The Honors Summit Experience



The Honors Summit Experience is normally taken in the senior year, a time when undergraduate-level mastery and expertise in a chosen discipline is at its zenith. The contributions of students from various disciplines complement and augment each other, resulting in a rich and vibrant collective experience. Toward these ends, all Honors students are required to take one Summit Experience course, which provides the opportunity for development and enhancement of the skills that are essential to a well-rounded education. Honors students can substitute a designated 4000-level Honors Seminar in place of the Honors 4302 Summit Experience if they complete a designated 3000-level Honors Seminar for the Seminar requirement.




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