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Do I have to take an Honors course in the fall?

YES! Regardless of major, all incoming Honors first year students are required to participate in the Honors College First-Year Experience Program. This program has two components: the First-Year Experience course and the Learning Community Group.

The First-Year Experience (FYE) course is an Honors course specifically designed for newly admitted Honors students. These courses are taught by top faculty across campus and capped at enrollments of 18-21. Students may select from a varied list of courses based on their degree requirements and/or personal interests. All FYE courses provide some form of core curriculum or lower-level degree credit. See our Fall 2022 FYE course list.

The Learning Community Group (LCG) is a complementary component of the FYE. It is led by two Honors student mentors whose job it is to help first year students as they transition to university life. Each LCG section is matched to a specific FYE course, so students will take the LCG with the same classmates in their FYE course. All LCG sections provide one hour of course credit, and online participation in all weekly LCG sessions is MANDATORY.

I have no idea which FYE class it would be best for me to take!

All of our FYE lower-level classes are specifically designed for first-semester students, and almost all fulfill a TTU core curriculum requirement. The core curriculum is required for every student at TTU, no matter what your major. Some students enter TTU with AP, IB, or Dual credit earned in high school, which may check off boxes in the Core Curriculum section of your DegreeWorks, and you should check this before your RRO session to see if there may be core curriculum credits which you already have fulfilled. Then, consult our Fall 2022 FYE course list and read course descriptions for our courses, where we've noted the core curriculum credit fulfilled by each course. We believe that all of our FYE courses will provide a wonderful first-semester Honors experience for you, so you can't go wrong, but here are some potentially helpful suggestions:

For Engineers: ENGR 1320-H01 (most need this; consult flowchart), any HONS 1304 section, HIST 2300-H01, or HIST 2301-H01
For Science/PMED majors: ENGL 2391-H01, MATH 2300-H01, HONS 1302-H02, or any HONS 1304 section
For RCOBA students: BA-1301-H01 -or- H02, ECO 2305-H01 (required for degree), HONS 1301 and 1304 sections, HONS 1303-H01, or HONS 2406-H02
For Pre-Law students: ENGL 2391-H01, THA 2301-H01, HONS 2406-H02, HONS 1303-H01, or any HONS 1301 section
For Humanities majors: Any HONS 1301 section, HONS 2406-H02, PHIL 2320-H01, or PHIL 2330-H01

How do I know how many spaces are left in the FYE course I want to take?

After deciding which FYE course you wish to take by viewing our Fall 2022 FYE course list, you may look up the number of spaces left in the course using the Section Search Tool on Raiderlink. The Section Search Tool is located under the MyTech tab, Advising Tools and Resources, under Explore Course Options heading. The LCG section associated with the FYE you have chosen will have the same number of seats remaining, as students cannot register for one without registering for the other.

Please make certain that the course you are looking at is the FYE section by double-checking the section number and CRN number against our Fall 2022 FYE course list.

I can't get into an FYE that fulfills a degree requirement. Is it still mandatory?

Yes, all incoming first year must take a First-Year Experience course in order to retain membership and good standing in the Honors College. Each of our Fall 2022 FYE courses does cover either a university core curriculum requirement or a lower-level degree requirement applicable to particular majors. However, if you discover that the FYE courses remaining open to you offer credit that you already have through AP, IB, CLEP, or dual credit, you must still make an FYE course selection for your fall schedule. While we do not keep waitlists for our FYE courses, we encourage you to continue checking back on Raiderlink throughout the summer to see if spaces open up in your preferred FYE class, at which point you are free to switch your FYE/LCG selection. (You do not need permission from an Honors advisor to make this change.) We mandate participation in the FYE/LCG program for all entering first year because we believe that enrollment in your LCG (HONS 1101) will be integral to your successful transition into the Honors College, and we are sure that any FYE course you take will be a very positive first Honors course experience for you.

Do I need to take RaiderReady (IS 1100) in addition to my Honors LCG (HONS 1101)?

For most students, the answer is No. A small number of scholarships and degree programs do require that students enroll in IS 1100 in their first semester, but otherwise, we recommend Honors students not to do so. The reason is that much of the information provided in IS 1100 duplicates the information Honors students receive in the Learning Community Group course (HONS 1101) which they are required to take as part of FYE Program completion. Therefore, IS 1100 is likely redundant and is an unnecessary expenditure for most students. If you need an additional course credit hour to meet a 15-hour per semester Scholarship requirement, we suggest that you enroll, instead, in LIBR 1100-H01; or in a one-hour PFW course, if required for your degree plan.

I'm getting registration errors when trying to register for my FYE class. Why?

  • Solution #1: If you're not entering the CRN number for BOTH your FYE and LCG classes simultaneously, and are receiving an error, find both CRNs in the Fall 2022 FYE course list, and enter them in two separate boxes under the “Enter CRNs” tab of the Registration portal.
  • Solution #2: If you are entering the CRNs for both your FYE and LCG classes, but are receiving an error, check that you have the correct CRNs, and keep in mind that each FYE class is tied specifically to the LCG listed below it. You cannot mix and match your FYE and LCG sections.
  • Solution #3: If you're receiving a “Prerequisite and Test Score” Error, check the FYE Course Booklet to see if the course you're trying to enroll in has a prerequisite. If it does, you will either need to wait until credit for the prerequisite is posted to your TTU Transcript (in the case of AP/IB scores, or Dual credit) or if you don't anticipate receiving credit in one of these ways, you'll need to select a different FYE course. If you have verified that the course doesn't have prerequisites, and believe that you are receiving the error message erroneously, you may email us at honors.advising@ttu.edu to receive assistance from an Advisor.

Can I take more than one Honors course in my first semester?

Yes, absolutely! First-semester students are REQUIRED to take one (and only one) First-Year Experience course along with its attached Learning Community Group (HONS 1101) course in their first semester. But you may choose to take additional non-FYE Honors courses, if space permits, and if you have any stated prerequisites for the course(s). We would encourage you to take the Honors section, if available, of any course which you would be taking anyway in fulfillment of core curriculum or degree requirements, so that you maximize your Honors credit accrual. We will add that it's almost always true that students will do better in an Honors section of a course than in a regular section, as the Honors sections are smaller and are taught by fantastic faculty members who take the time to get to know their students more personally, and to make their courses interactive and engaging.

I want to take a non-FYE Honors course. The Honors College says the course is full, but Raiderlink shows space is available. Which is correct?

The Honors College Fall 2022 Course Offeringsbooklet will likely provide the accurate, up-to-date details about Honors courses, especially our permit-request sections. We control our course enrollments by giving permits for selected, high demand non-FYE/ Honors courses – we only issue as many permits as there are spaces in any given course. Though Raiderlink does show the number of students actually registered for a course, it cannot show the number of permits issued for a permit-required Honors section. When you see empty seats on Raiderlink in a course that appears full (in red) in our online course listing, this indicates that students on the waitlist have been/are being contacted about those open spaces, but have not actually registered yet. Therefore, you should always consult our Course Booklet to see which courses are still available.

A further note: The open spaces shown on Raiderlink for our FYE courses (or other Honors sections that do not require a permit) are accurate, because they are filled without utilization of a permit system.


How do I build a fall schedule?

When we ask you to “build a schedule,” we do not mean simply provide a list of the courses you hope to take in the fall; we mean a schedule showing where the specific sections of courses which you will take will occur on their scheduled dates and times weekly. The reason that we need to see your schedule if you are requesting permits for non-FYE Honors courses is that before issuing a permit – which is a reservation under your name in the class – we need to verify that our Honors course does fit feasibly within your weekly schedule, alongside your other planned courses. While your primary advisor may be able to assist you in deciding which courses you should be taking in the fall based on your degree curriculum and previous college credits earned, you may make these decisions yourself by examining the sample degree curriculum for your major. Find your degree plan in the 2022-2023 TTU Undergraduate Catalog. When you have determined which courses you will take in the fall, you may utilize the Plan Ahead Registration Tool or Schedule Builder (accessible from your Raiderlink/MyTech page) to compile your desired schedule, or you may choose to look up all available sections of each of your intended courses on the Section Search Tool (also accessible from your MyTech page) and manually place each course where you prefer to take it, making sure to schedule around your chosen FYE/LCG courses and any other non-FYE Honors courses you hope to take.

All of my pre-TTU course credit has not been posted to my TTU transcript yet. How will this affect my registration at RRO?

We recommend that you check your TTU transcript on your MyTech webpage prior to your RRO session: use your eRaider username and password to log in at raiderlink.ttu.edu, then select “Unofficial Transcript – View online” under the “Transcript” link below the ‘Manage My Enrollment' menu in the Action Items box at the top left of the page. All of the collegiate credit that has been posted for you to date by the Registrar's Office will appear on your transcript, including AP credit, SAT/ACT score credit, dual credit, and transfer credit from any another institution. So if you do not see all of the credit you believe you should have listed here, you should investigate this with the Registrar's Office by emailing registrar@ttu.edu. It may be the case that College Board score reports or transcripts from another collegiate institution have been sent to Tech on your behalf, but that these credits were not added to your student record at the time of their receipt if you were not yet registered for an RRO session at that time. This issue can be resolved quickly and easily by emailing the Registrar to look for documents that may have been received under your name and post any resulting credit for you. It may be important that you address this issue before your RRO session if you plan to register for any courses which have pre-requisite coursework for which you have credit prior to TTU enrollment. If you attend RRO before your senior year AP scores are published by College Board in mid-summer, it may be that you will have to register for a lower-level course for which you expect to receive AP credit during your RRO session, then exchange it for your desired higher-level course later in the summer after your forthcoming AP credit is posted to your TTU transcript. Please feel free to contact us to clarify these instructions if you're uncertain about your situation.

I cannot register for a non-FYE Honors course. What do I need to do?

If you would like to enroll in (a) non-FYE/standard Honors course(s), please check in the Honors College Fall 2022 Course Offerings booklet if the section requires permission from the Honors College to enroll (as will be the case for selected, high demand Honors sections) or not. If a permit is required to enroll, you will first need to submit the online Honors RRO Permit Request Form.

Permission to enroll in permit-required non-FYE/standard Honors courses will be given in order of RRO Advising & Registration session date, then date and time of form submission.  Requests must include your full Fall schedule, so that we can verify that the Honors course(s) for which you're requesting a permit fit within a viable schedule you've already built.

How will I know whether I have received permission to enroll in a permit-required Honors course I requested?

You should submit the online Honors RRO Permit Request Form as early as you can after building your tentative fall schedule. Following, check your Student Dashboard > My Enrollment Tab > My Registration Permits to see if your permit has been approved and issued. 

An incoming first-year Honors student would need to successfully submit the online PRF prior to three business-days before their designated RRO Advising & Registration session, should they like to potentially receive a permit to enroll in any permit-required non-FYE/standard Honors course(s) in Fall 2022.

If you submitted the online PRF at least three business days prior to you RRO Advising & Registration date and do not see the permit in your Student Dashboard on that date, then the course you requested is full and you have been added to the waitlist. You can confirm that this is the case by viewing our regularly-updated online Honors College Fall 2022 Course Offerings booklet; full courses are listed in red text.

If you submitted the online PRF at least 3 business days prior to your RRO session, you should also receive an email from a member of the Honors Core Advising team with the status of your request by Day 2 of your orientation session.

If I have been added to a waitlist (of a permit-required Honors course), how will I know if I get a space in the course?

When spaces open up in full courses, we contact students on the waitlist one at a time, in the order they are kept on the waitlist. We will always contact you at your TTU email address. If you receive an email from us notifying you that a space has opened up for you, the email will request your confirmation that you still want to take the course and have room for it in your schedule. You must reply with confirmation by the deadline date stated in the email, which usually gives you 1-2 days to respond. If you do not respond by the deadline date, we will cross your name off of the waitlist and move on to offer the seat to the next person in line. For this reason, it is essential that you check your TTU email daily throughout the entire summer (and beyond) to watch for important communications from us and other departments.

Am I required to meet with an Honors advisor with RRO?

NO. We've made it possible for you to register for the First-Year Experience class you MUST take this fall semester without permission from an Honors advisor. As well, we've provided extensive additional information and resources on these RRO webpages to assist you in making a full course plan for the fall term and requesting additional Honors courses you may wish to take. If you feel like you need assistance with anything related to the Honors College, please contact us via email (honors.advising@ttu.edu). If you would like to request an appointment with an Honors advisor at any point during the summer, you make initiate that request via our online scheduling system, Booksy.





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