Texas Tech University



The Study Abroad Waiver allows you to obtain Honors Credit for studying abroad with a non-Honors related study-abroad program.

Students can earn Honors credit by completing a three-part project in conjunction with their study abroad experience. The three-part project is called the Study Abroad Waiver, and as the name suggests, course credit hours are not posted on your transcript for completion of this project, but upon successful completion, three hours of Honors credit are waived and the records are kept in the student's personal Honors folder, to note their completion. The three portions of the project are as follows:



  1. Read a book about the country or region they will visit. This will be assigned to the student before he/she leaves (we typically ask students to read before they depart);

  2. The student will keep a blog or paper journal while they are abroad to record conversations, experiences, and observations that will help them remember their time abroad afterward;

  3. The third and most important part is the paper, which the student will write in the semester after he/she returns.


The quality of and ultimate approval of the paper will be done by an Honors professor who works with students on their papers. The professor will determine whether Honors credit is awarded for this project.

Questions may be directed to Kelsey Kimzey, the Honors Study Abroad Waiver Coordinator.