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Advising and Registration Tips

Meeting with your advisor and registering for classes is one of the most important parts of Red Raider Orientation, so we know it may also be one of the things you're most nervous about. But don't worry! 

First-Year Experience Course & linked Learning Community Group (required)





  1. All FYE courses have a corresponding LCG section. Each LCG course is specific to one FYE course.

    To see which LCG sections correspond to any given FYE course:

    • Check the Honors College FYE listings at the link above; or,
    • Use the Look Up Classes tool on the TTU MyTech Tab of Raiderlink (further explanation is below).
      Step 1
  2. The core curriculum credit carried by each course is listed at the bottom of the course's description.
    Please consult your primary advisor or your DegreeWorks Degree Audit (MyTech/Advising Tools & Resources/Examine Degree Requirements/DegreeWorks) for which courses work towards your degree requirements.

    Core Curriculum Example
  3. There are limitations to scheduling your FYE on the Schedule Builder Tool.
    Please note: if you utilize the Schedule Builder Tool to build your upcoming schedule (full instructions on how to use Schedule Builder are included below), keep in mind that Schedule Builder frequently mis-pairs FYE courses with the incorrect LCG sections, and also cannot provide accurate and updated information on Honors courses that may already be full with a waitlist. Schedule Builder is a helpful resource, but please always make sure to double-check your intended Honors course information with course booklets on our Honors Course Listings page.

  4. Before attempting to schedule or register for your first-choice FYE, we recommend that you check Raiderlink to make sure there are still spaces available.
    If none remain, please choose a different FYE course.

    • Go to Raiderlink.ttu.edu and log-in with your eRaider username and password.
    • Click the “TTU MyTech Tab” at the top left of the page.
    • Click “Registration” under the “Manage my Enrollment” heading near the top of the page.
    • Select “Look Up Classes” from the menu that appears.



How to Use Visual Schedule Builder

This is a quick introduction to Visual Schedule Builder, an online service of Texas Tech University. This app helps current students build legitimate schedules for current and future registration terms.




Please note: Raiderlink may not accurately reflect how many seats are actually available in a given Honors course. Because we keep our enrollment records in-house for selected, high-demand Honors sections, our courses are often shown as having availability although they are full and may have lengthy waitlists. The Honors College Fall 2022 Course Offerings booklet is likely to have the most up-to-date representation of what courses are available at any given time and lists all the non-FYE/standard Honors sections offered during the fall. 

In the booklet, you'll notice that some Honors sections have a “Permit Request Required” notation and others have a “No Permit Request Required” notation. (Side note: any Honors section in red font in the booklet signifies that the course has filled.)






For the Honors sections with a “No Permit Request Required” notation: 

Assuming the course has not yet filled, you should be able to simply enroll in this Honors section once your registration opens in Raiderlink at your RRO session.



For any Honors section with a “Permit Request Required” notation: 

Prior to attempting to register for one of these selected, high demand Honors sections, you will first need to request permission from the Honors College to enroll. Raiderlink will not allow you to register for any of the permit-required Honors sections without having first received a permit from an Honors advisor.


If you would indeed like to be considered for a permit to enroll in one (or more) of the selected, high-demand Honors sections – again, in the booklet have a “Permit Request Required” note – you will first need to submit the online Honors RRO Permit Request Form.


Please note: an incoming first-year Honors student would need to successfully submit the online PRF prior to three business-days before their designated RRO Advising & Registration session, should they like to potentially receive a permit to enroll in any permit-required non-FYE/standard Honors course(s) in Fall 2022.


Prior to accessing, completing and submitting the online Honors RRO Permit Request Form, please be aware of the following:


  • You must first devise a complete tentative Fall 2022 course schedule prior to submitting a request for a permit to enroll in any permit-required Honors section. This step is needed because we need to ensure your weekly course schedule in the fall will fit with the days/times of the chosen high-demand Honors course. If need be, please access information from the academic unit that houses your academic major – and/or consult your primary academic advisor – to receive details and instructions from that department in order to put together a complete tentative Fall 2022 course schedule.

  • In addition to the details provided on the Honors RRO webpages, all incoming first-year Honors students can expect to receive, prior to their designated RRO Advising & Registration session, an email with information and instructions to request a permit for any non-FYE/standard Honors course(s) they would like to enroll.

  • The aforementioned email will contain a link to an online Honors RRO Permit Request Form (PRF) along with details instructions. An incoming first-year Honors student would need to successfully submit the online PRF prior to three business-days before their designated RRO Advising & Registration session, should they like to potentially receive a permit to enroll in any permit-required non-FYE/standard Honors course(s) in Fall 2022.

  • You can expect to be notified about the non-FYE/standard Honors course(s) in which you requested a permit by your designated RRO Advising & Registration session. You will either be issued a permit to enroll in the requested permit-required non-FYE/standard Honors course -or- (if a section is already filled) your name will be placed on the waitlist of that section, which is managed internally and thoroughly by the Honors College.

  • During your designated RRO Advising & Registration session, you may register for the non-FYE/standard Honors course(s) for which you received a permit (and/or any Honors section that does not require a permit and still have open seats) as you would any other course. If your requested course has a lab and/or discussion section, you must register for those sections concurrently with the course itself. By way of reminder: within your Fall 2022 course schedule, you would also make sure you enroll in one Honors FYE section as well as its linked LCG section.

  • IF YOU ARE PLACED ON A WAITLIST for a permit-required Honors section in Fall 2022: check your TTU email daily throughout the summer. We will send you notification if space becomes available for you, and you will need to send a response to our email confirming your acceptance of the offered seat within two days of receiving our notification, so please check your TTU email daily.



Important Reminders:

  • Block off your FYE/LCG if using the Visual Schedule Builder Tool, as the LCG sections will not appear.

  • Reference our listings to see which LCG corresponds to which FYE. The “Look Up Classes” tool (Co-requisite tab) will show the correct FYE/LCG pairings. The “Section Search Tool” link will not.

  • You will receive a co-requisite error if you do not register for the FYE and LCG simultaneously. If your FYE has a lab, you must enter all three CRNs at the same time.

  • If you would like to enroll in (a) non-FYE/standard Honors course(s), please check if the section requires permission from the Honors College to enroll (as will be the case for selected, high demand Honors sections) or not. If a permit is required to enroll, you will first need to submit the online Honors RRO Permit Request Form.

  • If you receive a permit for an Honors course (or the course notes that a permit is not needed) and you're still receiving error messages when you try to register, please contact an Honors advisor for assistance or email the College at Honors.advising@ttu.edu.

  • If you are placed on a waitlist, you will be contacted via your TTU email, so start getting into the habit of checking that account daily.

  • If an FYE is not on your schedule when you leave RRO, we will contact you via TTU email. If you do not have an FYE on your schedule by the first day of classes, you will be removed from the Honors College.


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