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The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Honors Sciences & the Humanities are designed for capable, curious students who are pursuing a broad and challenging course of study that will prepare them for a variety of careers and a lifetime of active citizenship. Most university graduates change careers several times during their lives. Therefore, this degree emphasizes portable skills such as critical thinking and problem solving that equip students with career flexibility. HSH also leads to knowledge and skills that qualify students for admission to graduate and professional programs, such as law and medical schools. Students who seek a career in health professions can complete their science requirements while pursuing the HSH major. 


The HSH major allows students to shape their program of study based on their long-term goals, while seamlessly fulfilling Honors course requirements. With required completion of an Honors thesis, HSH leads to graduation with the distinction of Highest Honors.


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Admissions Information


Prospective students, including transfer students, may select HSH as their intended major when applying to the university through ApplyTexas or Common App. Selecting the HSH major does not guarantee admission to the Honors College. For application information, click here.


Students currently enrolled at Texas Tech may switch to HSH but must first be admitted to the Honors College. To review eligibility requirements and apply to the Honors College, click here.




Contact Information

Beth Scheckel
Program Director for Honors Sciences & the Humanities (HSH), Lead Academic Advisor
HSH Undergraduate Advisor
Kurt Caswell
Program Director