Texas Tech University


HSH Degree Concentrations

Medicine, Global Health, & the Humanities

This concentration encourages pre-health Honors students to broaden their educational experiences in order to become more competitive applicants to professional healthcare programs, and eventually more well-rounded professionals. Through a profound exploration of the intersections between health, healing, and the humanities, graduates will be able to better communicate the compassion, creativity, and innovation of scientific thinking in humanistic terms.

Humanities Driven STEM

This concentration offers Honors students interested in engineering, architecture, structural design, urban planning, natural resources, and life cycle analysis the opportunity to contextualize construction, manufacturing, and industrial practices within a discourse on human and natural environments. Students engage with complex questions in the areas of sustainability, marketing, and fabrication even as they connect to the historic and social impacts of the scientific, industrial, and technological revolutions.

Environmental Science & the Humanities

With its foundation in the sciences, this concentration focuses on the study of the human relationship to the environment. Courses draw upon science, engineering, philosophy, and literature and the arts. Honors students delve profoundly into environmental sciences through the historic relationship between human beings and their surroundings.

Politics, Philosophy, Economics, & Law

This concentration is designed to offer students the opportunity to gain a solid sense of the human constructed world, where it came from and where it may be going. The track explores the world's greatest intellectual and cultural achievements, as well as the struggles and tensions that are always part of politics, power, and privilege. Honors students will hone their skills in writing, multimodal communication, scholarly research, and critical analysis, better preparing them for graduate school and/or a broad range of careers in law, business, communication, education, and advocacy.