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Honors College Community

  • Take advantage of all that being a member of the Honors College offers.
  • Enjoy relationships with other like-minded students.
  • Make a difference in the college and on the campus during your time at Tech.
  • Pursue leadership opportunities through Mentoring or being an Ambassador.

Become involved with the Honors Community and take full advantage of the programs and services that the Honors College offers you.

Honors & Advising

Honors Students that have a major in a college other than Honors will have two advisors, one in their major and one in Honors. This dual advising serves to ensure that Honors students are getting the most out of their undergraduate experience while here at Texas Tech.

News & Updates

Keep up with all that is going on in the Honors College in The Weekly and on Social Media.

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The Weekly is an electronic newsletter that helps inform Honors Students of things that specifically effect them, including social events, job opportunities, scholarships and more. Subscribe to The Weekly.

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Academic Enrichment

Students in the Honors College enjoy the feel of a small private college with all of the amenities of a Tier 1 Research Institution. Here are just a few of those opportunities offered to Honors students:

Co-Curricular Activities

Honors offers students several way to enhance their academic experience through co-curricular activities and events like:

Student Organizations

Honors Societies