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Visiting Students

Why Am I Here?

Texas Tech recognizes that not all students want to enroll full-time. Visiting, also known as Non-degree Students, just want to take a few classes here and there. These are undergraduate applicants who want to attend Texas Tech University on a temporary basis (such as summer sessions), perhaps working on prerequisites while applying for professional schools, and who are not seeking a degree can engage with Texas Tech as visiting students.

What is a Visiting Student?

Visiting students are not seeking a degree of any kind, only academic credit for particular courses and on a temporary basis. International students applying for undergraduate visiting admission must be concurrently enrolled in an accredited U.S. institution. Per Texas Tech Operating Policy 34.01, visiting students are those who are not seeking a degree from Texas Tech University, but who wish to take classes here. Examples of students considered visiting students include:

  • High school students wishing to enroll for dual credit courses.
  • Students who have already been awarded an undergraduate degree and wish to take additional courses without pursuing another degree.
  • Students who attend another college or university as full-time students in good standing and intend to return to that college.
  • Working professionals in the community (with or without an undergraduate degree) who wish to improve their skills and earn academic credit.

What Is The Process?

If the designation "visiting student" applies to you, then you are ready to research courses and apply. There are a few steps involved to facilitate a smooth registration process:

  • Find Sections!

    Even before being admitted to Texas Tech you can view courses in the Browse Courses tab. Note: TTU classes offered online are identified with the letter 'D.'(Example, distance section of Math Analysis would be MATH 1330-D01.)

  • Check for Prerequisites!

    Use the Online TTU Catalog to search for your course and find any prerequisites for those classes. Be sure to use the LATEST catalog. For all courses requiring prerequisites, official transcripts must be on file at Texas Tech University showing this completed work. Transcripts should be sent to the Registrar's Office.

  • Check Your Transfer Equivalencies!

    It is your responsibility to ensure that the course you are taking at Texas Tech will apply towards your future plans. Use the Transfer Equivalency Tool to determine how your credits will transfer TO Texas Tech. For information about transferring credit elsewhere, contact the destination institution.

  • Check with Your Home Institution!

    We recommend that you consider your home institution's policies on concurrent enrollment (taking classes two different institutions during the same term). This may impact financial aid, transfer credit, and/or student status at your home institution.

How to Apply

Visiting students must apply to Texas Tech University through the Texas Common Application and are required to submit transcripts from all former institutions of higher education. The steps are as follows:

  1. Visit Admissions

    Follow the steps to complete the visiting student application on the Apply Texas website. For more information, email Admissions.*Please make certain that you apply as a visiting student!*

  2. Send Official Transcripts

    Transcripts will be sent to the following Address: Undergraduate Admissions Texas Tech University Box 45005 Lubbock, TX 79409-5005 *To transfer credit to Texas Tech, you will need to send your most recent, official transcripts.*

  3. Application Fee

    You must pay the application fee. Your application will not be processed until you have paid this fee.

  4. Watch Your Email

    Following your acceptance, you will receive an email from Admissions about next steps. The email will contain instructions requiring you to return to this website and complete the steps under the "Advising Information" portion.

I'm Admitted! Now What?

Now that you are admitted:

  • Activate Your TTU Email

Per TTU policy, any important correspondence from Texas Tech University will automatically be sent to your TTU email. This includes emails from professors and advisors. Please check this email daily. To set up your TTU email, contact TTU IT at (806) 742-HELP. You can also visit TTU IT's Email Help Website

  • Visiting Student Advising Form

Fill out the 7 Advising Questions (Visiting Student Advising Form) and submit it. This form contains a series of questions that will help UA to best advise you while you attend classes at Texas Tech. It is required for all visiting students. *Please note that we will get to your form in the order it was received.*

  • Registration Process

Once the advisor verifies your enrollment and your academic plans, they will enable your registration by issuing an electronic 'time ticket.' You will then be directed to register online through Raiderlink. Helpful videos are available at the University Advising YouTube page.

  • Maximum Course Load

Per University practice, visiting students (including those taking courses at an international TTU location) will be allowed to enroll in a maximum of 18 hours per term.

  • Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

By state law, all students are subject to applicable TSI rules (TAC Title 19, Part 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter C). More information on the Texas Success Initiative at Texas Tech is available at the TTU TSI Website.

  • Add/Drop Policy

Visiting students will be subject to the policies and relevant dates (add, drop, withdrawal, and payment) of the appropriate University Catalog. Before you enroll, please note that these dates are binding and are interpreted firmly, which will impact a possible tuition refund if you choose to drop a course. To view these dates, see the Current Academic Calendar.

  • Visiting Students and Financial Aid

Visiting students are not eligible for federal financial aid, as funds are only available for degree-seeking students. For more information, please visit TTU Financial Aid or email Student Business Services

Important Notes

  1. Our team processes emails in the order they are received. Following up repeatedly will only slow response time.
  2. TTUA is unable to guarantee that seats (in person OR online) will be available at the time of registration.
  3. Registration is affected by processing of admissions and holds.
  4. Degree-seeking students are able to enroll prior to open registration for visiting students, which could impact the availability of courses.
  5. International students applying for undergraduate visiting admission must be concurrently enrolled in an accredited U.S. institution.
  6. Visiting students are limited to enrollment in two consecutive long semesters. (Example: spring + summer.) Those who wish to continue must reapply to Texas Tech University as a visiting student and pay any applicable fees (see Apply! above).
  7. Although advising interactions should facilitate the selection of courses that will apply to Texas Tech degrees, this is no guarantee that courses taken as a visiting student will apply toward a degree program selected after the fact.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I Have a Hold. Why?

Registration holds are placed on students' accounts each semester per University Advising policy. If you are a new visiting student and have sent in the 7 questions, your holds will be removed when you are processed. If this is NOT your first term as a visiting student, please contact advising@ttu.edu for assistance. Please make sure to include your name, R#, and a brief explanation.

  • How Do I Set Up My TTU Account?

An activation code is needed to set-up your TTU email. You will need to contact TTU IT for an activation code at (806) 742-HELP. For additional assistance, follow the TTU IT Email Help Link.

  • I LOVE Texas Tech; How Do I Become a Student Here?

Visiting students frequently enjoy being a Red Raider so much that they wish to extend their time here and many decide to pursue a degree from Texas Tech University. To do this they must apply as degree-seeking students and meet all applicable admission criteria. There are different criteria for the different student types, so please select the option that is right for you!

  • Since I Am a Visiting Student, Am I Eligible for Financial Aid?

Visiting students are not eligible for federal financial aid, as funds are only available for degree-seeking students. For more information, please visit TTU Financial Aid and Student Business Services

  • What If I Am a Visiting Graduate Student?

Contact the TTU Graduate School at 806.742.2787 or Via Email. Their office is in Admin Building Room 328.

  • My Question Wasn't Answered Here. What Do I Do??

You can always contact our office via phone at 806-742-2189, or by sending an email to the UA Advising Inbox.

Commonly Requested Course Availability

Course Name (TCCNS) Online or face-to-face Summer Term Offered Availability
CHEM 1307 (Chem 1311) on campus Summer 2 - seats remaining
CHEM 1308 (Chem 1312 on campus Summer 2 - seats remaining
ZOOL 2403 (BIOL 2401) N/A Not offered in Summer 2 N/A
ZOOL 2404 (BIOL 2402) On campus Summer 2 - seats remaining
ZOOL 3303 Online Full Summer - seats remaining
CHEM 3305 Online Summer 2 - seats remaining
HUSC 3221 N/A N/A N/A
CHEM 3306 Online Summer 2 - seats remaining
HDFS 2303 N/A N/A N/A
COMS 2320 N/A N/A N/A

 updated 7.9.19


Visiting/Non-Degree student information form

If you are interested in attending Texas Tech as a Visiting/Non-Degree student, please complete and then email this form to advising@ttu.edu