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About  TSI 

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a developmental education program mandated by the state of Texas to provide additional support to students who have not demonstrated college-readiness in reading, writing, and mathematics. The TSI Skills Development Office at Texas Tech University provides customized plans for student development and developmental coursework in these key areas to ensure each student will be successful in their selected academic majors and beyond.


Who Can I Talk to About TSI?

TSI Compliance Office

To find out if you are exempt from TSI, if you need to take the TSI Assessment, and turn in TSI test scores and exemptions:

TSI Compliance Office Website
West Hall 103A
(806) 742-7333

TTU Academic Testing Services

To take the TSI Assessment or learn more about taking the TSI Assessment at TTU or at a local site:

Academic Testing Services Website
West Hall 214
(806) 742-3671

TSI Developmental Education Office

To schedule TSI advising, get help with registering for TSI courses, and to learn more about TSI coursework:

Drane Hall 227
(806) 742-3242


Each TSI course carries a special instruction course fee.
No tuition is affiliated with TSI coursework.