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Planning Ahead?

To get the Best Score...

To prepare for the TSIA2 test, please plan to dedicate several hours over a couple of weeks to refresh the math, reading, and writing skills that will be covered on the TSI assessment. Since many of the tested topics are taught as early as middle school, it has  probably been several years since you worked on questions like  these. Setting aside time to refresh your skills and knowledge may  help you get a higher score and ensure you are ready to begin college-level coursework. There are several TSI Assessment preparation resources available to help you prepare below.

First Step!

We want you to be successful in your college courses so the TSI test is an important first step. The TSI test will assess your current skill levels in reading, writing, and math. Your TSI test scores will determine which courses you may enroll in at Texas Tech University. If you took the TSI assessment at your high school or another institution, share your scores with TTU. If you did not share your scores with TTU, go to the Accuplacer Student Portal and download a copy of the Individual Score Report (ISR). Once you have a copy of your scores, use your TTU email and email the complete ISR as an attachment to the:

TSI Compliance Office


Phone: (806) 834-4150

If you are a new student, you need to complete TSIA2 test BEFORE attending Red Raider Orientation. If you are a returning or transfer student, check with your counselor or advisor about whether or not you need to take (or retake) one or more parts of the TSI test.

Students can retake any portion of the TSIA2 test at any time. The best option is to retest BEORE you attend Red Raider Orientation if you hope to raise your score and reduce the number of TSI support courses you are required to enroll in for the semester.

Second Step! Test Taking Tutorials!


Things you Need to Know:

Before you take the placement test, take time to refresh your reading, writing, and math skills so that you can do your very best on your test. You will find lots of helpful information about the placement test on our TTU TSI website. The links below are a quick reference tool if you are short on time to prepare for the TSIA2 test.

Calculator Tips on the TSIA 2 Test - 1 minute video

Calculator Used for TSI2 Test

Highlighter Tips on TSIA 2 Test - 1 minute video

Accessibility Wizard on the TSIA 2 test - 1 minute video

What to Expect on the Math TSIA 2 Test - 4 minute video

Writing an Essay for the TSIA 2 - 15 minute video

Third Step! Take the Test!

The Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) is required before you take the TSIA 2.0 TestPlan Ahead 

Click here for Pre-Assessment Practice Resources

Click here to take the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity! - Student Login

TSIA Study Resources

Accuplacer Student Portal

How to Prepare:

Take advantage of free resources available to improve areas where your academic performance is not the strongest. Access free sample questions similar to those you'll see on the actual test.

Accuplacer Student Portal:

  • TSIA2 Study App with practice resources and printable sample questions
  • Tutorials showing you how to use the calculator and highlighter tools
  • Test results and information about how to send test results to Texas public institutions of higher education
  • Test Center Locator


TSIA2 Resource Library:

  • Browse by subject area, level, and type of resource.
  • On the right side of the page, there is a Welcome box.
  • For students taking the assessment for the first time, please click the “Enter Student Site” blue button.
  • Students who are retaking the assessment, please enter your Learning Locator Code (found on the diagnostic score report that you received upon completion of your test) for targeted resources based on your test performance.


Student Resources for TSI

Pearson Math and ELAR resources and videos

important infoIf you have taken the TSIA 2.0 test before, you can use the Learning Locator Code in your reports to identify specific skills to focus on in preparation for a retest. You can also use this resource if you are taking the test for the first time and know the areas you want to practice.

Resources to provide additional information for TSIA 2.0 Success

TSIA 2.0 Student Brochure

TSIA 2.0 English Language Arts & Reading Sample Questions

TSIA 2.0 Math Sample Questions

TSIA 2.0 Essay Test Guide

TSIA 2.0 Interpreting Your Score

TSI ELAR Crash Course - Day 1 Part 1 - TSI Reading Practice

TSI ELAR Crash Course - Day 1 Part 2 - TSI Reading Practice

TSI Writing Practice

TSI Essay Practice

TSIA 2 Math Hacks

Mometrix TSI Test Preparation Videos

TSIA 2.0 Test Blueprint and Linked Resources

Need to Schedule TSI exam? 

Texas Tech Academic Testing Services


In order to streamline your appointment and provide a more relaxed testing experience, advanced registration is recommended. However, walk-ins are welcome.

TTU Testing Services


Phone: (806) 742-3671

Location: Room 214 West Hall

To take the TSI Assessment off-campus, go here for a voucher. Read the information provided and complete the Request for an Off-Campus TSI Testing Voucher.

NOTE: In order to avoid a delay in advising and class registration, it is recommended that you take the TSI assessment prior to your first day of orientation. The TSI exam is untimed and may take several hours to complete.

On the day of the exam bring these items with you to 214 West Hall:

  • To schedule an appointment for the TSI exam, please contact us at 806-742-3671. You will make a $50.00 (non-refundable) payment to Texas Tech University with credit/debit card (NO CASH) through our online store. An email link will be sent to you. Payment must be made prior to your testing day.
  • Appropriate photo ID is required at time of testing (driver's license, passport or other government ID with a current photo).
  • Copy of your Pre-Assessment Activity Certificate of completion.
    Policies and Fees are subject to change.

For more information regarding TSI Compliance, please visit the TSI Compliance Office website.


Need to Submit Your TSI/TSIA Scores? 

To Submit your TSI Scores from the Accuplacer Portal, please visit How to Access Your Test Scores.