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Our Mission: Your Success

We recognize that your college journey is unique and that every student has their own personal definition of success. We provide individualized support that connects you to campus resources that will help you along your journey in the classroom and life outside of it. 

Whether it's your first year at Texas Tech or you're preparing for life after graduation, if you need to find a major or need help finding a resource, our programs and our people are here to help!


Our Programs

We create shared experiences so that every member of the Texas Tech community is positively impacted by the work of Student Engagement, whether it is a connection made, knowledge gained, or experience enhanced.

Student Leader Groups

Student Engagement has student leadership opportunities that can help you grow as a student, mentor, and leader. Check out the positions listed below! Through these experiences, you will have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills, be a part of fun and interactive learning, give back to the Texas Tech community, and meet other students hoping to do the same.