Texas Tech University

Transfer Ambassadors

Transfer Ambassadors

The Transfer Ambassadors support transfer students in their transition to Texas Tech and engage them throughout their first weeks on campus.

Transfer Ambassadors work Red Raider Orientation over the summer, contact incoming students after they have attended RRO and continue to provide support through the beginning of the fall semester through Transfer Welcome Week activities.

Transfer Ambassadors understand the unique needs of transfer students and are committed to helping new transfer students make a smooth transition from their transferring institution to life on campus at Texas Tech.

2020 Transfer Ambassadors

Name Year Major
Aaron, Elington Aaron, Elington Junior Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering
Diaz, Lynnette Diaz, Lynnette Senior Human Development and Family Studies
Fernando, Shevanka Fernando, Shevanka Junior Petroleum Engineering
Guilbeau, Brittney Guilbeau, Brittney Senior Biology
Ibe, Brian Ibe, Brian Junior Accounting & Finance
McDuffie, Keithan McDuffie, Keithan Junior Information Technology
Mercado, Sabrina Mercado, Sabrina Senior Animal Science Companion Animal
Northcraft, Sean Northcraft, Sean Senior Corporate Finance
Nye, Jimmy Nye, Jimmy Junior Psychology
Olayinka, Elizabeth Olayinka, Elizabeth Junior Biology
Quisenberry, Baylee Quisenberry, Baylee Senior Computer Science
Rickman, Stacey Rickman, Stacey Senior Nursing
Romero, Jhoneel Romero, Jhoneel Junior Information Technology
Ronasi, Golnoosh Ronasi, Golnoosh Senior Biology
Safou Mat, Aimeryl Safou Mat, Aimeryl Junior Petroleum Engineering
Steinbaugh, Christian Steinbaugh, Christian Senior Management