Texas Tech University

Financial Resources

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During your time here at Texas Tech you may need financial assistance and guidance. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance from any of our finance related offices. Be sure to apply for scholarships to financially help you with your academic endeavors. There are even scholarships specifically for transfer students!

Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will award all federal, state and institutional aid based on FAFSA completion and student eligibility. Be sure to meet all necessary FAFSA and scholarship deadlines in order to receive financial aid. Learn More

Student Business Services

Student Business Services is the department at Texas Tech University that arranges payment options, refunds, and exemptions and waivers. Be sure to set up direct deposit to make your refund process easy! It is also important to set up a payment plan, if necessary, before deadlines for each semester. Learn More

Red to Black

Red to Black offers free and confidential financial coaching through one-on-one sessions and presentations. Through Red to Black, students learn the value of smart money practices like creating a budget, saving money, picking proper employee benefits, establishing and using credit wisely. Learn More

Hire Red Raiders

Are you looking for a part-time job? Hire Red Raiders will help you in your job search. Registered students and alumni are able to look at organizations that are conducting interviews on campus, submit a resume to them for consideration, and sign up for interview times. Learn More



"Loans feel like free money at first because it seems as if they came out of nowhere. But actually, they're from the future and you have to pay them back some day. Don't borrow more money than you actually need. If you live the luxurious life now, you'll live like a broke student later."