Texas Tech University


Being a Transfer Ambassador can be a life changing experience.  But don't just take our word for it - hear what former Transfer Ambassadors have to say:

"I love learning about leadership and being a Transfer Ambassador gave me that experience plus more. After serving eight years in the military I thought I knew enough about leadership, but I was proven wrong. Most people were younger than me, but I learned more from them than they probably did from me."
-Jaime Perez

"My involvement in Transfer Ambassadors has had the most positive, meaningful impact on my experience at Texas Tech. I love how connected I feel to my university. This experience provided me with transferable skills that will follow me into my career such as leadership skills, customer service, and showing care and empathy for people from all walks of life. Above all, the best thing I gained from being a Transfer Ambassador is a community of transfer students that I could relate to. I've made such great friends and connections through this organization and they have played a huge role in my success."
-Jess Walker

"Being a transfer ambassador has been one of the best experiences in my life. There are no better words than just saying that it was a blast. This organization and position helped me expressed myself in the best manner. Living about a million miles from my home has never been easy, but being a Transfer Ambassador and working for this organization have made the distance easier. I will always remember my fellow ambassadors who treated me as their family and the Transfer Techsans members, who I have long lasting friendships with."
-Shilp Patel

"Being a Transfer Ambassador has completely changed my life. I greatly improved skills that I thought were just fine, and learned new skills I didn't think I was capable of obtaining. I'm already an outgoing person, but I had no idea I would reach new levels of the social realm. I met some of my closest friends, and had no idea how impactful this organization would be for both my connections and friends, as well as my future career."
-Jourdan Mead

"My experience working as a Transfer Ambassador has truly been an invaluable experience and has set the tone for my time here at Texas Tech. This position lead me to grow my confidence by pushing me out of my comfort zone as I learned more about the university I love and how to help its students! Being a part of this organization taught me how to work with a team of strong student leaders and I could not have envisioned how much fun I would have being a part of the Transfer Ambassador family!"
-Sawyer Key

"Being a Transfer Ambassador has given me the opportunity to do what I love most and that is helping people. I got to meet some amazing people along the way and I call some friends. Every second spent as a TA felt so rewarding and fulfilling. The experience and skills I gained will forever be with me and I appreciate every single bit of it."
-Kwasi Buahin

"Being a Transfer Ambassador has been such an amazing experience. It has made me more confident in myself and my leadership abilities. It has truly made me feel at home here at Texas Tech, and getting the chance to make other transfers feel at home here, too, has been so fulfilling. I am so thankful for the opportunity and the family that I found in Transfer Connection!"
-Karlee Roach

"I have grown so much, both as a person and as a student, through my tenure as a Transfer Ambassador. Most importantly, this program introduced me to my second family and my home-away-from-home! I can't even imagine how different my life here at Tech would be if I had not decided to take that leap of faith into the unknown, but I do know that it's brought me nothing but growth, positivity, and happiness. This job is more than just a paycheck – it's a chance to change your life, and the lives of those around you, for the better! I will be forever grateful to this program and the opportunities that it's provided me, and I am proud to be a Texas Tech Transfer Ambassador."
-Jamie Herndon

"This job has given me so many opportunities to give back to both the school and my peers over the last 9 months. You are given the opportunity to really step up as a leader in the community and leave your mark on the school and its students by planning events, running summer orientations, and acting as a mentor to new transfers. You can really make this a rewarding experience and I am so, so glad I had the chance to give back to Tech during my last year here."
-Christian Harper-Sanchez

"I absolutely love being a Transfer Ambassador. I get to improve my leadership and communication skills while helping students in the Texas Tech community. Transfer Techsans became my family and it never feels like work!"
-Gabbi Moore

"Being an Ambassador helped me better myself for my future. I was able to grow my abilities as a leader, such as working in teams and being in front of groups of people to become a better speaker. These transferable skills helped me to do better in interviews and even helped me gain some skills that helped me get a job before I even graduated."
-Jacob Schwartz