Texas Tech University

About Us

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About T&E

In Transition & Engagement, we work tirelessly to help students succeed from the moment they are admitted to Texas Tech University and support them until they walk the stage at graduation. We know that a positive, engaging experience can have a significant impact on students' level of satisfaction, academic performance, campus involvement and progress toward graduation. We work hard to create opportunities for students to connect to support offices on campus and engage with leadership & involvement opportunities. We create shared experiences that foster belonging and prepare and empower student leaders.

Above all, we aspire to be TTU's premiere student development office where students are engaged in their educational experience and provided with opportunities to maximize their individual potential and achieve their unique, desired success.

We do these things through our people, including professional staff, graduate assistants, and undergraduate students, as well through our programs. To accomplish these aspirations, we have set strategic goals that will help us continue to support and empower students in meaningful ways

What Guides Our Work


We are innovative thinkers and problem-solvers who are passionate about helping Red Raiders succeed. Through collaborative and evolving programs, we:

  • create a foundation for student success.
  • cultivate belonging, engagement, and well-being.
  • enhance the Red Raider experience.


We believe in the power of people to help students become happier, healthier, and more successful.


To our students, to our partners, and to ourselves, we commit to:

  • Intentional Growth.
  • Consistent Excellence.
  • Meaningful Connections.