Texas Tech University

About Us


Transition & Engagement programs provide a collaborative collection of programs and services that assist students in the transitions inherent to college and academic life and provide opportunities to help students engage in the academic community and navigate successfully to graduation. Our programs and services create a successful experience for students during each of the major college transition periods at Texas Tech University, including admission to enrollment, first year experience, major selection, moving off campus, sophomore year experience, and capstone/senior experiences.

Our Commitments

We accomplish our mission by upholding three commitments. All employees of Transition & Engagement endeavor to uphold these commitments though our actions and interactions with students, parents, members of the Texas Tech community, and each other.

These commitments are:

Meaningful Connections.

Shaking HandsWe commit to building meaningful connections between students and university, among students and their peers, and to help our staff – professional and student – to connect to each other. We recognize that student learning is most effective when students are able to make meaningful connections across their many educational experiences, both curricular and co-curricular. It is through these meaningful connections created by our staff and students that create the Texas Tech family. Meaningful connections are both the ultimate goal and the means by which all other goals of the department are met.

Consistent Excellence.

BullseyeWe commit to exceed the expectations of our students, parents, and the Texas Tech community in every single interaction and program, no matter how big or small. Excellence is in the details – so we take pride in getting them right. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality in everything we do.

Intentional Growth.

Gear wheelWe commit to actively seeking opportunities to learn, grow and improve the quality of our services and delivery. We are always looking for better ways to do things. We never rest in our efforts to build a better programs and experiences. We also commit to grow ourselves and to help our students grow personally, professionally, academically.


Strategic Goals

Goals of Transition & Engagement include the following:

  1. Incoming students will successfully complete the transition from admission to enrollment and confirm their decision to attend Texas Tech University.
  2. New students will increase their understanding and knowledge of resources on-campus to help them manage their transition.
  3. Current students will develop successful patterns academically and socially to manage some of the transitional issues they may encounter on the path to graduation.

University Strategic Priorities & Aligned Goals

The mission and strategic goals of Transition & Engagement directly align with the University Strategic Plan, particularly Priority 1 to "increase enrollment and promote student success." Through our department's three strategic goals, our programs holistically address and enhance the academic, social, professional, and personal success of incoming, new and current Texas Tech students in transition within the university community. At the heart of our mission & goals, Transition & Engagement focuses on the full student life cycle, from the point of admission through the completion of our students' educational goals, and every point in between. Our main objective is to support the university's Strategic Priority 1and improve the student experience and success of our students.