Texas Tech University

Office of the Provost Planning Calendar

To promote awareness of campus-wide dates and deadlines, the Offices of the Provost and Registrar have created a set of shareable Outlook calendars in the following categories:

  • Provost Office (faculty awards, T&P, institutional conferences, assessment deadlines)
  • Curricular Proposals (course and program changes, academic unit or admission changes)
  • Student Enrollment (term and registration dates, add/drop dates, grading and finals dates, commencement)
  • Course and Section Inventory (submission of courses to be taught, room scheduling dates)
  • Academic Centers for Engagement and Support (ACES) Events (TLPDC, Ethics Center, Communication Training Center, Center for Global Communication, Center for Transformative Undergraduate Experiences)

For instructions on how to access and import your preferred calendar items, please see the Shared Calendar Instructions on the Faculty Resources page of the Provost's Website.

Please note that some dates are subject to change. Change announcements will be timely distributed.

Dates for 2020-2021 TBA