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Councils, Committees, Centers & Institutes

Standing councils and committees are appointed to serve the needs and interests of Texas Tech University and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. These bodies can be an important element in the administrative process as an effective means of employing the collective ability, knowledge, and experience of the many competent and dedicated individuals who make up the University community.

Councils and committees are advisory bodies, unless specifically charged with other responsibilities. It is not intended that they assume the authority and responsibility assigned to offices within the administrative structure. Ideas and suggestions from these groups are, however, of value to administrators in their continuing efforts to improve operations of the institutions and in broadening the base for decision making.

In addition to contributing to the orderly and objective administration of the University, councils and committees afford their members the opportunity to participate in the governance process, to enhance their personal and professional growth and to broaden their knowledge of the operations and activities of the two institutions.

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