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Academic Centers for Education and Support (ACES)

Campus resources supporting the strategic priorities of student and faculty success, innovation in research and creative activities, and strategic outreach and engagement and associated scholarship.

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ACES support for Student and Faculty Success

University Writing Center (UWC)

  • Onsite and online tutorials
  • In-class writing workshops
  • Writing Fellows program

Center for the Integration of STEM Education and Research (CISER)

  • Development of STEM teacher education pathways
  • STEM education seminars

Ethics Center

  • Workshops for students
  • Ethics Lunch series
  • Support of Ethics courses

Teaching, Learning and Professional Development Center (TLPDC)

  • Conferences on teaching and learning
  • Programming for graduate teaching assistants
  • Discipline-specific support for faculty
  • Year-round professional development opportunities
  • Focused workshops on inclusion, service learning, new technologies

Communication Training Center (CTC)

  • Signature workshop series
    • Fundamentals of Powerpoint
    • Classroom Communication
    • Data Visualization
    • Advanced Powerpoint Techniques
  • Custom workshops
  • Communication Literacy Initiative

ACES support for Innovation

Center for Transformative Undergraduate Experiences (TrUE)

  • Undergraduate Research Conference
  • Undergraduate research consultation and funding

Center for the Integration of STEM Education and Research (CISER)

  • Science Education Scholars program
  • STEM Disciplinary Scholars program
  • Scholar/Mentor support and programming

ACES support for Strategic Engagement

Not included here are programs focusing on K-12 Outreach, which include activities sponsored by STEMCORE, CISER, UWC

Center for Transformative Undergraduate Experiences (TrUE)

  • Service Breaks
  • Service training
  • TTU Service Week


  • LAZARUS Project
  • Noyce Scholars Program

Ethics Center

  • Global Ethics Day
  • Compassionate Ethical Volunteerism
  • Speaker series


Office of the Provost