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I want you to TEACH!

Talented STEM majors can receive paid summer internships, mentorship, and scholarships to become teachers in high needs schools! Click for more details.

NSF South Plains Math Fellows Program

NSF South Plains Math Fellows

The NSF South Plains Math Fellows program provides scholarships to math students attending TTU and area community colleges. Program Website | Texas Tech Today Story

STEM Seminars

STEM Education Seminars

STEM-CORE works to highlight STEM Education Seminars from across the TTU Campus. These seminars are open to all TTU students, faculty, and staff. Click for more details.

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  • BEST Robotics
  • CASE 2014
  • TTU/LISD STEM Challenge
  • TTU/LISD STEM Challenge
  • Summer Research Weeks 2014
  • BEST Robotics
  • SuMAc 2014
  • Summer Research Weeks

STEM-CORE Seminar Series

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