Texas Tech University

Online Learning Council


The Online Learning Council shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Provost regarding matters related to distance education. The Council provides leadership in determining academic policies, procedures, and priorities concerning distance education. As a first step in the review process for distance education programs, the Council reviews proposals for online and off-campus degrees, certificate programs, minors, and concentrations. In addition, the Council also presents on topics of interest regarding distance education as well as reviews potential new technologies for distance education.

Voting Membership

Voting members shall consist of 18 appointed representatives by an Academic Dean including: Davis College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources; Huckabee College of Architecture; College of Arts and Sciences; Rawls College of Business Administration; College of Education; Edward E. Whitacre College of Engineering; The Graduate School; Honors College; College of Human Sciences; College of Media and Communication; J.T & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts; School of Law; University Libraries; University Studies; School of Veterinary Medicine; as well as 3 representatives of the Office of the Provost that serve in areas related to distance education including Faculty Success, Student Life, and Academic Innovation and Student Success. The Online Learning Council chair serves as a tie-breaking vote if necessary.

Ex-Officio Membership

Ex-officio Membership shall consist of TTU Online leadership and Ex-officio membership will consist of TTU Online directors and other areas across campus that support distance education administratively.


The Deans/Vice Provosts/Vice Presidents of each college/school/division will appoint their representatives for voting and ex-officio members. The presidents of the Faculty and Staff Senates will appoint their representatives; All appointed members serve at the pleasure of their supervisors and will serve a three-year term with the possibility of being reappointed.

Operating Procedures

The council shall develop its own operating procedures subject to the approval of the provost. Copies of all minutes and reports are provided to all members of the council and submitted to the provost.


Each representative has one vote. Ex-officio representatives shall not vote, except that the chair of the Online Learning Council should vote to break any tie. Members' substitutes are considered to carry a full voting proxy.

Membership Term

Each Online Learning Council representative shall serve a term of three years.


The council chair is appointed by the Vice Provost for TTU Online.


Name College/Department Term Began Term Ends
Beaty, Liz Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering 2020 2026
Brinker, Sarai J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts 2022 2025
Carpio, Carlos Davis College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources 2022 2025
Chambers, Todd Academic Innovation and Student Success 2023 2026
Cheon, Jongpil College of Education 2019 2025
Christofides, Christiana Office of the Provost / TTU Online (Chair) Chair
Davis, Sabrina University Libraries 2022 2025
Greenlaugh-Spencer, Heather The Graduate School 2022 2025
Hadighi, Mahyar College of Architecture 2022 2025
McCarty, Michael College of Human Sciences 2022 2025
Peaslee, Robert Honors College 2022 2025
Roginson, Jody College of Media & Communication 2019 2025
Schwintz, Sarah University Studies 2022 2025
Stangl, Jill Student Life 2023 2026
Sutton, Vicki School of Law 2019 2025
Tapp, Suzanne Faculty Success 2023 2026
Villegas, Dino Rawls College of Business Administration 2022 2025
Zellinger, Elissa College of Arts and Sciences 2022 2025


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