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Animal research may never never look as exciting to the public as a college football game. However, everyone involved within this field of endeavor (from committee members to the animal care technicians and the investigators), are caring individuals that share, at their core, a deeply respectful and humane regard for the animals in their charge. Additionally, we should always be aware that it is through the work of dedicated individuals in animal research (past, present and future), that we can all look to the future as Fearless Champions.

International Lab Animal Technician Week

Welcome to the Animal Care and Use Committee Web site at Texas Tech University. The committee is dedicated to providing resources for all faculty, staff, and students involved with animal research at Texas Tech. We would like to help make the submission and reporting processes as applicable as possible for our investigators.


AAALAC Accreditation

Texas Tech's Animal Program Receives Full Accreditation again in 2020!!!

The Texas Tech Animal Program has been accredited for over two decades, but why? AAALAC accreditation is a voluntary process that demonstrates high standards and a commitment to animal welfare and the humane treatment of animals in science. To achieve accreditation, Texas Tech participates in an independent, expert assessment of its programs, procedures, facilities and research every 3 years.

AAALAC accreditation offers several benefits to the Texas Tech Animal Program, including:

  • It signifies a quality program: Accreditation demonstrates Texas Tech's commitment to setting, achieving, and maintaining a high standard for animal care and use.
  • Enhances scientific validity: Reliable results in scientific research involving animals depend on consistent standards and superior animal care. Accreditation engages scientists, managers, and administrators in a rigorous assessment of the animal program, ultimately resulting in better research practices and outcomes.
  • Demonstrates accountability: Accreditation demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond what is required by law to conduct animal research in a humane manner. It states to the university research community that we are committed to responsible animal research.
  • Provides assurances to funding sources: Many funding sources view AAALAC accreditation as a commitment to program excellence, and as an assurance that animal use will be justified and humane and regulations will be followed.

More than 890 companies, universities, hospitals, government agencies and other research institutions in 37 countries have earned AAALAC accreditation, demonstrating their commitment to responsible animal care and use.

To view more information about AAALAC, the accreditation process, and the accreditation standards, visit www.aaalac.org.

Noteworthy Animal Use News:

Matador Award

  • One of our own from Animal Care Services Department was recognized at a luncheon to honor Outstanding individuals across the Texas Tech Campus.
  • The Matador Award recognizes a newcomer who has one to three years of service with Texas Tech. This individual has made significant contributions and shared innovative ideas to the department and to the Texas Tech Community. Congratulations AnnDee!!

Matador Award

Guns Up Award

  • The Animal Care Services Department was recognized at a luncheon to honor Outstanding individuals across the Texas Tech Campus.
  • The Guns Up Award recognizes a team of employees that foster cooperation with employees internal and/or external to increase productivity and efficiency in the organization. This team puts forth an exemplary effort, contributes to the morale of the department, accepts responsibility, and demonstrates a positive attitude. Teams receiving the Guns Up Award collaborate in meeting the needs of the Texas Tech Community.

Guns Up Award

  • TTU Animal Technician presenting at the Texas Branch of the American Association of Lab Animal Science meeting, with signage developed at Texas Tech that can be beneficial to other institutions.

     TBAALAS 2018

  • New Shade System at Texas Tech Beef Center keeps cattle comfortable and healthy
  • Texas Tech Animal Care Technicians are always striving to bring the best possible care to the research and teaching animals that are under their daily charge. All of our technicians are striving to improve that through certifications and continuing to learn the latest and best practices. One of our unsung hero's was recently recognized in the Texas Branch of the American Association of Lab Animal Science newsletter. Please take the time to learn a little more about her TBAALAS April 2017
  • Animal Care Services Participates in TTU Arbor Day Activities

           Arbor Day 2017

  • Striving for excellence is what it means to be a Red Raider, and finding ways to help our fellow man is always worth recognition. So we salute Dr. Harvinder Gill and his recent inclusion in Texas Monthly Magazine.

Texas Monthly Dr. Gill


  • TTU Researcher collaborating world wide to save bats. More here.
  • TTU Animal Care Program Receives AAALAC Accreditation during their tri-anual site visit. More here.

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