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Generic Training

USDA Emergency Preparedness Training

USDA Emergency Preparedness Training Transcript

Species Specific Training

Training and instruction of personnel are important components of animal care and use because it helps to ensure the health and welfare of the animals and the integrity of research. It is ultimately the responsiblity of the PI and the IACUC to provide training and instruction and for ensuring competency as required by federal legislation, regulations, and policies. The available methods of species specific training:

    • Investigator led training of lab members (requires that the PI keeps records of all trainings)
    • Animal Care Services Training (contact the ACS Office)
      • Ag Animal Training 
      • Companion Animal Training 
      • Lab Animal Training (contact the ACS Training Coordinator)
        • This is required before you will be granted access to lab animal facilities
    • CITI Training (see below)

CITI Training Program (TTU is a subscriber) 

CITI has great resources (ie compliance, surgery and species specific trainings) that we encourage all personnel to utilize. If you take any CITI Trainings, please email the certificate to the IACUC office, iacuc@ttu.edu, to be included in your training folder.

    • Click on:  “Register” under “Create an account”.
    • Select “Texas Tech University” under “Participating Institutions”. 
    • Enter First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. 
    • Enter a User Name and Password and choose a Security question in case you forget your   password/login.  
    • Answer demographic information only if you want to disclose, otherwise select “I choose not to   disclose”. 
    • Select “No” for CEU Credits unless you need them.  (CEU Credits are generally utilized by   professionals that need to demonstrate ongoing career training).  
    • Enter Identifier information. 
    • Select the suggested Species Specific and/or Surgery or Biosafety Trainings.
    • Continue to your course.

Please note: if you have taken CITI Courses at another institution, please add “Texas Tech University” to your “Participating Intuitions” in order to receive credit for previously completed courses.

Animal Care & Use