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About the TTU IACUC

IACUC Fall 2015

The IACUC serves as the review body for animals used by Texas Tech University (TTU) faculty, staff and students. TTU Policy requires that the use of all live vertebrate animals for research, instruction, demonstration, production, or maintenance purposes by TTU faculty, whether the animals are located in facilities at TTU or elsewhere, be approved by the IACUC in advance of their usage.

Members of the committee will be appointed by the Institutional Official. Each will serve a one-year term and can serve multiple terms. Membership terms are September 1 to August 31.

The committee develops and reviews all operating procedures relating to animal care and use at Texas Tech University. For specific approved operating procedures please contact the IACUC coordinator

The chairperson of the Committee shall be appointed by the Institutional Official and will serve the same term as other members. The chair can reappointed for multiple terms.

Meetings convene each month. Contact the IACUC Coordinator for meeting times and for assistance with any animal use on campus.

Animal Care & Use