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Welcome to the Animal Care Services Department at Texas Tech University. We are anxious to help with your animal needs and questions, so get to know our dedicated department, by getting to know a little bit about us below.

ACS Fall 2015

ACS Staff
(L-R) Amy Chappelle; Tessa Carabajal; Sydnee Woodman; Karin Fritz; Tiffanie Brooks DVM, DACLAM; Mark Goza; Brittany Backus pHD; Paul Stonum DVM

Mission Statement

To provide for the physical and psychological well-being of animals used in research and teaching. To aid investigators in obtaining and properly using these animals.

More specifically, the ACS serves to facilitate the use of animals in research and teaching at Texas Tech University while assuring compliance with all applicable regulations. ACS maintains responsibilities in animal procurement, animal housing and daily care, the provision of veterinary care, health surveillance and preventative care, assisting investigators and their staff with animal procedures, and the care, maintenance and replacement of equipment and facilities.




(806) 834-8588 tiffanie.brooks@ttu.edu

Dr Tiffanie Brooks was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She received her BS in Animal Science at Texas Tech University in 1993, and a Master's Degree 1996, before receiving her DVM from Texas A&M University in 2000. Dr Brooks spent 8 years in private clinical mixed and small animal practice in Oklahoma and Texas, before beginning her association as the consulting veterinarian for the Animal Care Services Department, and teaching in the Animal and Food Sciences Departmentat Texas Tech in 2007 . Dr. Brooks completed and received her qualification as a Diplomat of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine in 2013. After serving as the Attending Veterinarian for Texas Tech for 7 years, she accepted and started the position as the Director of the Animal Care Services Department in 2015. Tiffanie is married to Dr. Chance Brooks, (Associate Department Chair of the TTU Animal and Food Sciences Department) and they have 2 children, a dog named "Skye", and 2 horses "Jac" and "Von".



(806) 834-7373 paul.b.stonum@ttu.edu

Dr. Paul Stonum was born and raised in rural West Central Missouri. He received his BS in Animal Science at Texas Tech University in 1989. He then received his DVM from the University of Missouri - Columbia in 1994. After graduation, Dr Stonum spent 10 years as a mixed animal associate veterinarian in central Texas before starting his own mixed animal practice in Northwest Missouri in 2003. Dr. Stonum started in the Animal Care Services Department as the clinical veterinarian at Texas Tech in 2013. Paul is married to Kathy and they have 2 children, and a Pug named"Asta".



(806) 834-5280 brittany.backus@ttu.edu

Dr. Brittany Backus, born in Hawaii and raised at Ft. Hood, Texas. She received her BA in Biochemistry at Texas Tech University in 2007. After receiving her undergraduate degree, Dr. Backus began working in an animal welfare research laboratory as a Research Aide, where she found a new passion for research and pigs. Brittany received her M.S. in 2010, and her Ph.D in 2013, with a focus on animal welfare and behavior and comparative medicine.Brittany began her position as the PAM Administrator in the fall of 2013. She is married to Justin and together they added their first son in late 2016, which makes for a full house along with their 2 dogs "Cash"and "Ida".



(806) 834-2872 sydnee.woodman@ttu.edu

Sydnee Woodman was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She received her BS in Zoology at Texas Tech University in 2013, and her LATG certification in 2017. After graduating, Sydnee spent a year working and studying lygus and thrips with the cotton entomology department at TAMU Agrilife Extension center in New Deal, Texas. Sydnee then moved into the role of veterinary technician before joining the Animal Care Services Department in May of 2015. Sydnee shares her free time with her cat "Cheeks" and her 2 dogs, "Gamble" a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog and "Street" a lovable mutt.



(806) 834-6183 karin.k.fritz@ttu.edu

Karin Fritz grew up in Fredericksburg, TX where her family raises show lambs, known as Fritz Southdowns. Fritz first attended Clarendon College in 2001-2003 where she judged Livestock and Meats. She then was a member of the 2004 Meats Judging Team at Texas Tech University. Fritz received a dual Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Communications and Interdisciplinary Agriculture in 2005. She then obtained a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Education in 2007. Fritz has worked for TTU for more than 11 years, and been the IACUC coordinator since 2010. Karin received her CPIA certification in October 2015 and then added a fish named "Platinum" to her family in the winter of 2015.


Austin Cooper

(806) 834-0972 Austin.L.Cooper@ttu.edu

Austin was born in Midland and raised in Lubbock, Texas. He began his undergrad at the University of Alabama before receiving his BA in Business Administration from Wayland Baptist University in 2016. Austin has worked with Texas Tech since 2010 and joined Animal Care Services in 2018. He has two sons who keep him busy in his free time and has a wienie dog named "Kona", a mix breed dog named "Rascal", and 15 fish.



(806) 834-8151 mark.goza@ttu.edu

Mark was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. He received his EMT certification in 1987 and began working in human medical field at several different hospitals, until 1997 when he moved to Plainview, Texas. Mark then started and ran his own landscaping/mowing business. Having growing-up wanting to work with animals, Mark started looking for, and found, his position with Texas Tech and started in the Animal Care Services Department in 2005. Always trying to improve his level of knowledge about, and care for animals, Mark received his ALAT certification in 2014. Again always attempting to improve his quality of care, he is working on the next level of certification, his LAT. Mark is married and has 2 adult daughters, a son and 1 grandchild. Mark takes great pride in taking care of every animal.



(806) 834-8575 veronica.vasquez@ttu.edu

Veronica was born right here in Lubbock and raised in Shallowater Texas. She has always had a passion for animals and decided to pursue a degree as a veterinary technician in 2010. After graduating from Vista College in the spring of 2013 she joined the Animal Care Service Department's team here at Texas Tech University. Veronica is married and has a daughter. She also has 2 dogs named " Honey" and "Kolby", a cat named "Kittie", and a turtle named "Mikah". Veronica takes great pride in her work and she cares for each and every animal with the utmost respect.



(806) 834-8829


Michael Chandler is a native of Vicosa, Minas Gerais, Brasil. He was raised in Lubbock, Texas where he is pursuing his bachelors degree in wildlife management at Texas Tech University. Michael's dad, Dr. Leland Chandler, was an entomologist at Texas Tech and taught agronomy, horticulture, as well as entomology. Michael started his career with the department in the spring of 2017, and has brought his caring, compassionate atti In his free time, Michael and his wife Sybil like to travel as much as possible and enjoy the outdoor life with their English mastiff "Chai".

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