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TTU Occupational Health and Safety

Assessment in the Occupational Health and Safety Program is offered to all animal users at Texas Tech University

  • Before any animal work can begin all individuals must first complete the Occupational Health and Safety survey.
  • Please review IACUC Policy 023 which discusses TTU's vaccine requirements to work with animals in the US and abroad
  • All individuals who work with animals must enroll the Occupational Health and Safety Program by performing an annual self-assessment and submitting a medical evaluation form. To protect privacy, you will submit this document directly to ehs.ohp@ttu.edu, and the occupational health provider will alert IACUC when you are cleared to work with animals. Whether affiliated with TTU or not, you will need to contact the IACUC Office in order to receive the link to the self-assessment that you need to complete. 
  • All information submitted through our Occupational Health and Safety program is and will remain confidential.
  • Please contact the IACUC office at (806) 742-3853 or iacuc@ttu.edu with any questions or concerns you may have, and to receive the proper link for your survey.

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