Texas Tech University

Meetings and Submissions


The IACUC meets once each month. The IACUC Chair may convene additional meetings as needed. Contact the IACUC office for exact dates for scheduled meetings.


The TTU Policy requires that the use of all live vertebrate animals for research, instruction, demonstration, production, or maintenance purposes by TTU faculty, whether the animals are located in facilities at TTU or elsewhere, be approved by the IACUC in advance of their usage. Investigators/instructors who wish to use live vertebrate animals in one or more of the activities listed above are required to submit an animal use form (AUF) for IACUC review. When the form is submitted to the IACUC may depend on the funding agency (e.g., if IACUC approval is required prior to scientific peer review) or on the investigator's/instructor's preference; notably, approval by the IACUC is a prerequisite not only for animal usage but also for establishment of an account for a funded project involving animal usage. To avoid delay in receipt of an account, investigators may prefer to submit an animal use form to the ACUC office well in advance of knowing the outcome of a proposal relative to funding.

The AUF should be downloaded from this site at each protocol submission to ensure the current version of the form is completed. Completed forms should be submitted electronically to the IACUC coordinator at iacuc@ttu.edu

Protocols are either reviewed by a designated member review process or by a full-committee review process. The latter occurs at a convened meeting of the IACUC. Protocols requiring full-committee review are those that involve unrelieved pain and/or distress, multiple-major survival surgeries or other protocols at the discretion of any IACUC member. Protocols requiring full-committee review must be received at least seven days prior to a scheduled meeting date (i.e., the Wednesday prior to the week of the scheduled meeting) in order to be placed on the agenda. Protocols received after the aforementioned deadline may be deferred to the following meeting.

The IACUC strongly urges investigators/instructors to consult with the IACUC office before submitting a protocol to avoid delays in approval. Protocols involving pain and/or distress require consultation with the clinical or attending veterinarian.

Animal Care & Use