Texas Tech University

Elections Committee


The Elections Committee shall conduct the nominations and elections to the Faculty Senate and to those senate committees and councils whose members are elected and shall, in addition, conduct any special election requested as appropriate.


Appointments will be made by the provost from nominations received through standard procedures.

Operating Procedures:

The committee shall develop its own operating procedures subject to the approval of the provost, to whom it will report. Copies of any minutes or reports are to be provided to the Graduate Dean, to the Faculty Senate, to the Provost, and to the University Library. The chairperson may be invited to visit the Faculty Senate to inform the Senate of the activities of the committee.


The chairperson shall be elected by the committee members.


The committee shall consist of three (3) faculty members who are not members of the Faculty Senate. Each member shall serve a three-year term, and these terms will be staggered so that one member will retire from the committee each year.

Name College/Department Membership Code Term Began Term Ends
King, Rob E. University Library
2020 2023
Meek, Richard School of Music
2019 2022
Pare, Paul College of Arts & Sciences
2021 2024

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