Texas Tech University

Investigator Financial Disclosure Committee (IFDC)


This committee will recommend to the Vice President for Research (VPR) or his/her compliance officers policies and procedures which promote objectivity in research and are in accordance with federal, state and Texas Tech University regulations, and recognized best practices. The committee will:

  • provide guidance about policy to manage TTU institutional financial conflicts of interest;
  • as requested by faculty and/or the VPR or the Associate Vice President for Research for Integrity (AVPR) review faculty business and financial interest disclosures and Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) management plans;
  • provide guidance about how best to revise OP 74.17 to incorporate best practices and changes to applicable federal and state laws;
  • provide guidance about training in objectivity in research and FCOI for the TTU community; and
  • provide guidance about TTU policies regarding Investigator participation in human subjects research that may involve a FCOI.


  • Committee members and the Chair will be appointed by the VPR.
  • The Administrator for Financial Disclosure for the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) will serve as Executive Secretary for the committee.
  • After an initial period of staggered appointments, each member's term will be for three years. Reappointments are permissible.

Operating Procedures:

  • The committee will meet every month in which there is business to conduct. At a minimum, the committee shall meet once a quarter. The committee will develop its own operating procedures in accordance with federal, state, and local laws, subject to the approval of the VPR to whom the committee reports.
  • Committee members should recuse themselves when they are directly involved in the research project being discussed by the committee or when they have significant business and financial interests in an entity which is being discussed by the committee.
  • A quorum of at least half of the voting members will be required to conduct official business.

Committee Leadership:

Chairperson: is appointed by the VPR.

Responsibilities of the Chairperson: presides over all meetings and appoints subcommittees as necessary or required.

Associate Chairperson: is elected by committee members.

Responsibilities of the Associate Chairperson: presides over all meetings in the absence of the Chairperson and performs required Committee Chairperson duties in his/her absence.

Executive Secretary: The Executive Secretary of the committee is the OVPR (Integrity) Compliance Administrator.

Responsibilities of the Executive Secretary: prepares the agenda for each committee meeting in consultation with the chair and is responsible for preparing the official minutes of each meeting.


The IFD Committee will consist of at least seven voting members:

  • Six faculty members (without administrative appointments), chosen from a pool nominated by the Deans of all TTU schools and colleges and the Faculty Senate;
  • One member of the Research Advisory Council (RAC); and
  • At least one committee member shall be a member of the Faculty Senate.

The composition of the committee will include:

  • A minimum of two faculty members who have served as PIs or Co-PIs of sponsored research projects;
  • At least one member from each of the following schools and colleges: CAS, CASNR, COE, COHS, WCOE;
  • The Associate Vice President of Research for Integrity, Ex-officio;
  • OVPR (Integrity) Compliance Administrator, Ex-officio.
Investigator Financial Disclosure Committee
Viator, Ralph (Committee Chair) Rawls College of Business 2018
Bayne, Stephen College of Engineering 2018
Hudson, Darren College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources 2018
Kim, Jeong-Hee College of Education 2020
Outenreath, Alyson School of Law 2018
Pati, Debajyoti College of Human Sciences 2020
Zak, John College of Arts and Sciences 2020
Ex-Officio Voting Members
Jackson, Kelsie Office of the Vice President for Research Administrator, Financial Disclosure
Young, Alice Office of the Vice President for Research Research Integrity