Texas Tech University

Honors and Awards Council


The Honors and Awards Council is to (1) make recommendations for methods and procedures that will provide for recognition and awards for personnel who have earned distinction for service and achievement, and (2) when asked, to review nominations and recommend recipients for specific awards and honors.


Appointments will be made by the President from nominations received and under standard procedures. Terms of service are three years for faculty, and one for the student. Faculty may be reappointed to consecutive terms if the first term was to fill a vacancy (portion of a term).

Operating Procedures

The Council shall develop its own procedures subject to approval by the President. Copies of any minutes or reports are to be provided to the President, to the Faculty Senate, and to the University Library. The chairperson may be invited to visit the Faculty Senate to inform the Senate of the activities of the Council during the year.


The Council will elect its chairperson annually from the faculty members who are in the final year of term of service.


Name College/Department Membership Code Term Began Term Ends
Callender, Donell University Libraries 6 2020 2024
D'Amico, Stefano College of Arts and Sciences 6 2020 2024
Jasso, Miranda Student 1 2022 2023
Klein, Martina College of Arts and Sciences 6 2021 2025
Legako, Jerrad College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources 6 2021 2025
Meek, Richard J.T. and Margaret Talkington College of Visual and Performing Arts 6 2021 2025

Membership Code

1. Student member

6. Faculty member

Office of the Provost