Texas Tech University

Faculty Development Leave Committee


The Faculty Development Committee shall receive from department chairpersons through the deans applications by faculty members for faculty development leaves.  The committee shall review these applications and make recommendations to the provost, pursuant to published criteria for selection and announcement availability of such leaves.  The committee shall review criteria for selection and the extent of availability of leaves and make appropriate recommendations.

The committee shall also study and make recommendations for other programs for faculty development.


Members are elected for three-year terms by the general faculty of their respective colleges and schools and by members of the administration eligible for development assignments. The composition and selection of this committee are governed by statute. Vernon's Texas Codes Annotated (Education Code. Volume II, Section 51.103).

Operating Procedures:

The committee shall develop its own operating procedures subject to approval by the provost. Copies of any minutes or reports are to be provided to the provost, to the Faculty Senate, and to the University Library. The chairperson may be invited to visit the Faculty Senate to inform its members of the activities of the committee during the year.


The committee shall elect its chairperson annually from the faculty members who are in their final year or term of service.

Name College/Department Term Began Term Ends
Buelinckx, Hendrika 

College of Architecture 2020 2023
Caswell, Kurt Honors College 2020 2023
Cho, Jeasik  College of Education 2020 2023
Collopy, Erin  College of Arts and Sciences 2019 2022
D'Amico, Stefano College of Arts and Sciences 2019 2022
Doerfert, David College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources 2020 2023
Dodd, Sara College of Human Sciences 2021 2024
Edgar, Lynne Library 2019 2022
Jones, Donald Rawls College of Business Administration 2019 2022
Langford, Katie College of Media and Communication 2019 2022
Meek, Richard College of Visual and Performing Arts 2021 2024
Nutter, Brian 

Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering 2020 2023
Pare, Paul College of Arts and Sciences 2021 2024
Prucha, Mallory College of Visual and Performing Arts 2019 2022
Ritchey, Robert (Bob) Rawls College of Business Administration 2019 2022
Schumacher, Sara Library 2021 2024
Soonpaa, Nancy  School of Law 2020 2023
Velikova, Natalia College of Human Sciences 2019 2022
Whitfield, Lynn Library 2019 2022
Williams, Jeffrey College of Arts and Sciences 2019 2022
Stewart, Rob Office of the Provost Ex-officio  

Membership Code:

  1. At least sixteen members, divided between the Colleges, the Law School, and the administration, with at least one member representing each division.

Office of the Provost