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The Humanities Center Announces Anti-Racism as Its Annual Theme for 2021-2022

In Freedom Dreams, Robin D.G. Kelley argues that there is revolutionary potential in the intersection of intellectual and political work. As Kelley writes, “Social movements generate new knowledge, new theories, new questions. The most radical ideas often grow out of a concrete intellectual engagement with the problems of aggrieved populations confronting systems of oppression” (8).  

As recurring overt manifestations of racism undercut the fiction that America is a “post-racial” society, many are working to challenge racism in both public and academic contexts: the Movement for Black Lives and the Stop AAPI Hate coalition; initiatives like Academics for Black Survival and Wellness; popular literature on anti-racism; educators developing anti-racist pedagogy; and scholarship focused on contemporary manifestations of racism such as the Prison Industrial Complex, the Immigration Industrial Complex, policing, control of borders/movement, linguistic racism, and anti-immigrant legislation. These initiatives direct our attention to the importance of organizing and acting in multiple contexts and at various scales – individual engagement with racial identity and privilege, interpersonal discussions of racism, pedagogies that incorporate knowledge about structural racism into curricula, support for community strategies focused on justice and accountability, and the building of social movements that dismantle racist institutions.  

Anti-Racism is a call to create a more just and equitable society, by using the power of humanistic inquiry to identify, understand, and—ultimately—reject the mechanisms of structural racism.

January 2022 Humanities Featured Scholar

B. Anderson Featured Scholar

The Humanities Center is pleased to introduce our Janaury 2022 Humanities Featured Scholar, Dr. Britta Anderson. To learn more about Dr. Anderson, please visit: January 2022 Featured Scholar


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Conversations With Food

Conversations with Food

The Humanities Center is please to announce the publication of an anthology generated from our 2018 "Food and..." Conference, Conversations With Food (Vernon Press 2020). To learn more about this publication, please visit HUMANITIES SPOTLIGHT.





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