Texas Tech University

Grad Student Travel Grants

The Humanities Center of Texas Tech offers support to graduate students to present their own humanities research at national and international conferences. Grants up to $1000 dollars may be used for travel expenses in compliance with University policy.  These grants will be provided as a reimbursement for costs incurred by students related to conference travel. 

There will be two rounds of competition for 2023-2024. The deadlines are: 

    • September 15th (For conferences between 09/01 and 12/31) 
    • January 5th (For conferences between 01/01 and 04/30) 

To apply, please send a conference abstract describing the work to be presented, official notice of acceptance from conference organizersa brief narrative statement explaining the value of this travel to the applicant's professional goals and/or research/creative agenda (maximum 300 words), and a brief CV (maximum 2 pages) to humanitiescenter@ttu.edu.

Fall 2022 Graduate Student Travel Grant Awardees

Spring 2023 Graduate Student Travel Grant Awardees

Fall 2023 Graduate Student Travel Grant Awardeees