Texas Tech University

Faculty-Led Book Groups

Interested faculty members are invited to propose a book to be read and discussed over the course of a semester or full academic year by a group of colleagues. The Humanities Center will pay for the books and for light refreshments up to a total of $500 for all expenses, books included. Proposals (total of 500 words maximum) should include the name, position, and contact information for the person making the application; title and author of the book; a brief rationale for why a discussion of this work is timely and important; and a list of possible group participants. The group may include up to 1/3 graduate student members. Groups must meet at least three times.

Please send proposals to humanitiescenter@ttu.edu. Send your proposal as a PDF. Please use the subject line: (your last name) Book Group Proposal FY2020. (E.g., Bernhardt Book Group Proposal FY2024). Fall proposals are due September 29, 2023 and Spring proposals are due February 2, 2024.