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Humanities Faculty Books

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How Much  Ellis.Cabin Ellis.Slavery

Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures

Le Sacrifice   Les Dramaturges   Edwards.LaFigure  Edwards.Laurent

 Archaeology   Arch in MakingCanines in Cervantes   An Eye on Race Transoceanic  The Arena of Satire   The Sites of Rome My Pinocchio   Ezio Girbaudo Bishop.CiceroWitmore.OldLands


Batra Feminist Visions    Bauer American Selfie    Bauer Eros is More    Bauer From Behind    Bauer Image of Absence    Bauer The Real Cause    Baugh Born of Resistance    Baugh Latino American Cinema    Baugh Mediating Chicana/o Culture   Borshuk.Swinging    Clarke Cambridge Companion    Clarke Earth, Life, & System    Clarke Gaian Systems   Clarke Neocybernetics    Clarke Posthuman  Language Gender and Community Kim.Syntax Rickly Feminism   Exp    Writ  Cormac McCarthy  Ana Castillo   Poch.Gracious  Zellinger.Lyrical


Gulag Town   Cotton Kings   Making Tobacco   Plantation   

Holy Mountain   Competing Visions   Cowboy Conservatism   American Politics 

Cunningham.Bootstrap  Building a Peaceful Nation   Julius Nyerere    Brittsan Popular Politics  Hahn.Technology  Legacey.MakingSpace  MaCahey.Antarctica 

J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts

Kitchen Sink   Composing Ourselves   Food and Theatre   Chansky_Conversations

Creolization    Warren-Crow   Cortez Aztlan  Cortez Death and the Afterlife  Cortez Garza  Gibb Californios   DeCesaro  Duffy.Careers

Reinsch.Soundtrack  Reinsch.Python  Martens.Issac

TTU University School of Law

Sutton.Agricultural  Sutton.Court  Sutton.Decolonizing

Media & Communication

Breast or Bottle   The Joker   Marvel Comics   Spiderman   

Spanish TV  Langford.Scalia  PunyanuntCarter.NPC




Aristotle  Webb.CompDox  Tosi.GS

Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work


Southwest Collection/ Special Collections Library

Family Land

Women's and Gender Studies

Sotomayor.BIPOC  Sotomayor.Teaching