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Careers in Dance



Book Description:

Careers in Dance explores the range of opportunities dance students and professionals can pursue, helps them pinpoint their areas of interest and strengths, and equips them to create their unique paths to a fulfilling career in dance. This highly practical text offers a wealth of information on career options in a variety of settings and with a variety of focuses, including commercial ventures, scholarly pursuits, administrative avenues, medical and scientific settings, and interdisciplinary opportunities. In keeping with recent trends in postsecondary dance programs, Careers in Dance spotlights entrepreneurship and leadership opportunities for dancers, delving into an array of options and offering much-needed guidance. Additionally, the book delves into some of the social and cultural influences that affect access to and success in the field, and helps readers understand the connections between dance and other disciplines such as business, technical theatre, and media. It also notes the possibilities for continued education in graduate school programs and suggests approaches to acclimating to life as a working professional. Careers in Dance provides the advice and strategies dancers need to actualize their own destinies in dance. 


Author Bio:

Ali Duffy is a President's Excellence in Teaching Professor, Associate Professor of Dance and Honors, and Graduate Dance Advisor at Texas Tech University. She is the founder and Artistic Director of Flatlands Dance Theatre (www.flatlandsdance.org). Her written scholarship has been published in Research in Dance Education, the Journal of Dance Education, Dance Education in Practice, American Journal of Arts Management, and the Journal of Emerging Dance Scholarship. Her book, Careers in Dance: Practical and Strategic Guidance from the Field, was published in 2020. Her forthcoming book, Dancing Motherhood: Contexts and Perspectives of 21st Century Women in Dance, is under contract with Routledge. Dr. Duffy has been invited for national educational and artistic presentations and residencies including at University of South Florida, Lindenwood University, Virginia Tech, Central Michigan University, Colorado Mesa University, University of Detroit, UNC Charlotte, Austin Dance Festival, and Danca Nova Dance Company, among others. She sits on the Cultivating Leadership Committee of the National Dance Education Organization and has sat on the board of the Dance Critics Association. Prior to her work in academia, she performed internationally with Holland America Cruise Line (RWS Entertainment) and with independent contemporary choreographers. She holds a PhD from Texas Woman's University, an MFA from UNC Greensboro, and a BA from UNC Charlotte.