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The Cambridge Companion to Literature and the Posthuman


Book Description: 

Edited by Bruce Clarke and Manuela Rossini, The Cambridge Companion to Literature and the Posthuman (Cambridge University Press, 2017) is the first work of its kind to gather diverse critical treatments of the posthuman and posthumanism together in a single volume. Fifteen scholars from six countries address the historical and aesthetic dimensions of posthuman figures alongside philosophical treatments of posthumanism. The Cambridge Companion to Literature and the Posthuman traces the history of the posthuman in literature and other media, including film and video games, and identifies major political, philosophical, and existential issues raised in the literary and cinematic posthuman and in posthumanist discourse.

Bruce Clarke

Author Bio: 

Bruce Clarke is Paul Whitfield Horn Distinguished Professor of Literature and Science in the Department of English at Texas Tech University, and the 2019 Baruch S. Blumberg NASA Chair in Astrobiology at the Library of Congress. His research focuses on systems theory, narrative theory, and Gaia theory. He was chair of TTU's Department of English (2012-17), and president of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (2007-08). His books include Gaian Systems: Lynn Margulis, Neocybernetics, and the End of the Anthropocene (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2020), Neocybernetics and Narrative (Minnesota 2014), Posthuman Metamorphosis: Narrative and Systems (Fordham 2008), and Energy Forms: Allegory and Science in the Era of Classical Thermodynamics (Michigan 2001). His edited volumes include Posthuman Metamorphosis: The Science Fiction of Joan Slonczewski (Palgrave 2020); The Cambridge Companion to Literature and the Posthuman, with Manuela Rossini (Cambridge 2017); and Earth, Life, and System: Evolution and Ecology on a Gaian Planet (Fordham 2015).