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The Sites of Rome

The Sites of Rome

Book Description: 

The Sites of Rome: Time, Space, Memory, co-edited by David Larmour and Diana Spencer (Oxford University Press, 2007) offers glimpses, sideways glances and unexpected angles that open up Rome in its widest possible sense, and explores how the visible components of Rome - the hills, the Tiber, the temples, the Forums, the Colosseum, the statues and monuments - operate as, or become, the sites/sights of Rome.


Author Bio: 

David H. J. Larmour is Paul Whitfield Horn Professor of Classics at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. He is editor of the American Journal of Philology and has numerous published titles, including The Sites of Rome: Time, Space, Memory; Stage and Stadium: Drama and Athletics in Classical Greece; and Rethinking Sexuality: Foucault and Classical Antiquity.