Texas Tech University

The Sociology of Privatized Security



Book Description:

This edited volume presents a global view of the issue of privatized security, delving into diverse and illustrative cases from different geographic and political contexts. It overviews the historical shift toward privatized security and private involvement in security and armed conflict. The book presents a rare sociological examination of violence, security contractors, and our assumptions about privatized security in the global sphere. It brings sociological insights on inequality, power, social forces, and organizations into the discussion about this emerging industry.


Author Bio:

Dr. Swed is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work (www.oriswed.com). He is also the Director of the Peace, War, & Social Conflict Laboratory (www.pwscl.com), which focuses on empirical research on timely security-related issues, and that train undergraduate and graduate students in research methods. Dr. Swed studies emerging trends in security, examining the privatization of military and security functions, the usage of drone technology by violent nonstate actor, illicit arms trafficking, terrorism, and cyber warfare.