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Composing Ourselves


Book Description: 

Composing Ourselves: The Little Theatre Movement and the American Audience (Southern Illinois University Press, 20o5), Dorothy Chansky weaves a compelling narrative of the emergence of the literary theatre in America. By offering vivid portraits and probing analyses of the people and institutions that were responsible for turning a popular amusement into high art, she uncovers the sometimes troubling assumptions that underlay the elevation of the stage in the early twentieth century. Her attention to the ironies of history illuminates the contradictions that informed not only the Little Theatre movement, but also the theatre of our own time."
—David Savran, City University of New York


Author Bio: 

Dorothy Chansky is Director of the Humanities Center at Texas Tech and Professor in the School of Theatre & Dance. Her work has appeared in the major US theatre journals. She is vice president of the American Theatre and Drama Society.