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Archaeology: The Discipline of Things


Book Description: 

Archaeology: The Discipline of Things (University of California Press, 2012) is co-authored by Christopher Witmore considers the myriad ways that archaeologists engage with things in order to craft stories, both big and small, concerning our relations with materials and the nature of the past. Archaeology has always been marked by its particular care, obligation, and loyalty to things. While archaeologists may not share similar perspectives or practices, they find common ground in their concern for objects monumental and mundane.


Author Bio: 

Christopher Witmore is Associate Professor of Archaeology and Classics in the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures. His research focuses on things, land, and human ecology in the Mediterranean, especially southern Greece, on the Roman built environment in Northern Britain, and on archaeological memories of a POW camp in Norway. Chris is fascinated by the character and scope of archaeology and for over a decade he has explored fundamental questions concerning the discipline's objects, practices, and rapports with what has become of the past.