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Ezio Gribaudo: The Man in the Middle of Modernism

Ezio Gribaudo

Book Description: 

Ezio Gribaudo: The Man in the Middle of Modernism (Glitterati Inc., 2016) discusses Ezio Gribaudo, an Italian artist, art collector, and art publisher whose life and work took him to the very center of European modern art in the 20th century. His work has been shown internationally and is included in the permanent collections of many museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice,Italy, among others. This volume is a visual biography that presents the life of this celebrated art-lover through a collection of texts and pictures that include rarely seen images of Gribaudo's partners in art,including Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Joan Miró, and Henry Moore. Documents, letters, and photographs round out this portrait of a man who was at once central to modernism and yet not a "known name" to the mainstream. A must-have for art historians and collectors of 20th-century modern art, this book gives an account of the cultural history around one of the few contemporary artists who had personal contact with the great names of art history as art publisher, collector, and friend.


Author Bio: 

Victoria Surliuga is Associate Professor of Italian Studies, Italian Program Coordinator and World Cinema Coordinator at Texas Tech University. She is a scholar of modern and contemporary Italian art, cinema, and literature, as well as a poet and a translator. She was awarded The 1905 Fellowship of the Mount Holyoke College Alumnae Association for her research on Peggy Guggenheim and art patronage, a grant to the Italian Program at Texas Tech University from the CH Foundation to curate the exhibition Ezio Gribaudo's Theaters of Memory at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts (2016), Scholarship Catalyst Grants from Texas Tech University, and was Humanities Fellow at the Humanities Center of Texas Tech University. 

Her publications include Homage to Ezio Gribaudo / Omaggio a Ezio Gribaudo (E-book published in the Texas Tech University DSpace Open Repositories. Lubbock: Texas Tech University Libraries and Venezia: ytali.com, 2020), Ezio Gribaudo: My Pinocchio (Pistoia: Edizioni Gli Ori, 2017), Ezio Gribaudo: The Man in the Middle of Modernism (New York-London: Glitterati, 2016; First Place President's Faculty Book Award, Texas Tech University, for 2017-2018), a book-length volume of translations of Giampiero Neri's poetry Natural Theater: Selected Poems (1976-2009) (Edition and Introduction; New York: Chelsea Editions, 2010), Nell'epoca del gremito: Conversazioni con Giancarlo Majorino (Milano: Edizioni Archivi del ‘900, 2008), and Uno sguardo sulla realtà: L'opera poetica di Giampiero Neri (Novi Ligure: Joker Edizioni, 2005).

She has also written on poetry and painting in Giambattista Marino, on Federico Fellini, on the poetry of Andrea Zanzotto, Franco Loi, Giancarlo Majorino, and Giampiero Neri. She has authored six books of poems, of which the most recent one is Shadow (Las Cruces: Xenos Books, with Chelsea Editions and the Raiziss-Giop Foundation, 2018).

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